How To Choose The Best Band For Your Wedding

What to look for when deciding on the best Chicago wedding band

Let’s face it you’ve never bought a band before right? Don’t worry we’ll help make the best decision. The band you select is one of the most important choices for your wedding. As you search, you’ll find bands ranging in both quality and price.

Compare DRM to any music company. As you review other band websites, print out this helpful guide. Hiring a band is like buying a car for the first time. You have to understand what you’re looking for, so you can make the most educated and best decision. The more you know, the more you’ll understand why DRM is your smartest choice for your wedding dinner music, cocktails and dancing. After you review these factors, call us @773.244.1239 or fill out the inquiry form.

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11 Things to consider when shopping for your band online.



1. Quality

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Look at the overall quality of the site itself. Websites can be updated easily. What first impression does their site give you? What does it say about how much they care about quality?

DRM’s site was to designed to be not only beautiful, but to be extremely easy to use, so you can find what you’re looking for fast. It’s updated daily because we care about giving the most recent and helpful info possible.


2. Photos

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Look for recent photos of their orchestra performing at actual weddings. See if you can find photos of guests dancing, as opposed to just individual pictures of their band members standing in front of a curtain. From speaking with brides for many years, we’ve found what’s most important to them is seeing the results of what the band can do for their wedding. If you want a packed dance floor, make sure you see that and not just how stylish their trombone player looks.

At DRM, all of our photos are taken at actual recent weddings many times with just an iPhone. They show both the musicians as well as crazy & wild packed dance floors. The only posed photos are ones on our Meet the Band page. We want to show our band in as realistic of a setting as possible.


3. Videos


Ideally, the videos should be from a recent live wedding. This is far superior to something shot in a studio, which can be easily manipulated and edited over and over. At your wedding they get one chance. It’s important to show the crowd’s reaction to what the band is playing. It doesn’t matter if the band sounds incredible if no one is dancing. Do they provide a variety of videos or even narrated videos?

DRM shows live videos only. Our goal is to show you the energy and talent of our band in as raw and realistic of a format as possible. They are not produced or even edited. We have nothing to hide. Here we are!


4. Reviews

i loved it all

Try to see as many reviews as possible. If they show the specific date they were written, that’s even better. Showing the specific dates tells you that the band is doing consistently high quality work over a period of time and not just one fantastic wedding six years ago. Are the reviews detailed and enthusiastic or just a thank you written at an unknown date?

All of DRM’s reviews are specifically dated. We show our most recent reviews at the top of the page. They were all originally posted on other websites such as WeddingWire, The Knot, Yelp, et cetera. We include the name of the bride and groom. Our website also includes interviews with clients, including their parents!


5. List of Songs

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How versatile is the band? Can they play a wide variety of music to keep of all your guests dancing? Make sure the website shows an extensive list of their repertoire. It’s also important to know if a band will be able to learn new songs for you, and whether they charge for this service.

We love learning new songs at DRM! Our orchestra plays the best songs from EVERY era, including the latest Top 40 to Sinatra. Even if you give us a request we know we’ll never play again, we’ll have it ready to go. Songs we’ve played hundreds of times are always played with incredible enthusiasm.


6. Credibility


See what awards or honors the music company has achieved, as well as a list of prestigious clients. How long has the company been in business? Have they had to change personnel often or even change their name? Do you see their name on a variety of websites throughout the internet? Type their name into Google and see what comes up. See where they rank for keywords like, “Chicago Wedding Band,” “Chicago Wedding Music,” et cetera.

DRM: Our innovative company has been around over 16 years and performed over 1,400 weddings. Our award winning band has flown throughout the nation for clients’ weddings and events. We’ve performed with numerous Fortune 500 Companies and celebrities. DRM even sponsors major sports teams like the Chicago Bears, Cubs and Bulls. Many of our band members have been with us since we started the company in 1999.


7. The Bandleader


See if you can find out some information on their site about the actual bandleader. Remember, this is the person you are going to be dealing with for the next year or so. You need to get a sense of his or her personality after speaking with them on the phone and by meeting with them. It’s very important that you connect with them. Remember you are trusting your wedding to them. You want someone that has your best interest at heart and not a guy with a giant ego that you should be so honored to have at your wedding.

DRM: David Rothstein has been a professional bassist for over 25 years. He has performed internationally with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. He has a degree in Music Performance and Communications from Western Michigan University. He has performed in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. David is a caring experienced bandleader who has written 85 blog articles and speaks to wedding organizations throughout the nation. His radio show, Wedding 101, currently has over 50,000 listeners.

Call us @773.244.1239 or fill out the inquiry form.


8. Resources


What other special resources do they have to help you from the time you sign the contract until the day of your wedding? Do they have helpful articles? Do they have resource centers to help you select the music? Do they have a Facebook page? Will they provide you with a template of your schedule to keep you organized?

DRM provides you with a Ceremony Music Planning Guide to help you select all your ceremony music and even help you write your program. You’ll also get access to our Reception Music Guide, which allows you to hear the original recording and see the lyrics. It’s a huge help for selecting requests for your dancing. Be sure to listen to Wedding 101 for interviews with the top wedding professionals in the nation! Explore our website to learn more about all our valuable resources.


9. Personal Touches

personal touch

Ask bands to show you examples of ways they have given personal touches. Ask to hear stories of situations where they went above and beyond for their clients.

At DRM, we treat our clients like friends. The needs of each wedding is unique. We work incredibly hard to make sure each wedding is truly designed for what that particular couple wants. Read real stories like these throughout our website: Sarah and Andrew’s wedding ceremony was being held at the Omni Hotel in downtown Chicago. It was 5:30pm. They were about to start the ceremony. One of the ushers suddenly felt very sick and raced off. Sarah got very upset and almost started crying. David went over to her, gave her a hug, and said “Everything is going to be just fine,” and then ushered in the entire bridal party himself. David felt bad for her and stepped in without thinking. She was so thankful afterwards! WE CARE!

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10. Pricing


If your guests don’t dance, did you really save money? We believe you get exactly what you pay for. Think of your band, as well as all of your vendors, as an investment, instead of a cost. A quality band will be the best investment you can make for your wedding.

DRM is one of the busiest bands in the country. There are cheaper bands that will give you equally cheap results. There are also VERY expensive bands with ego maniac bandleaders who will try to convince you how lucky you’d be to have them at your wedding. DRM provides our clients with an incredible value. Once you weigh all our special benefits it will be clear, as many of our brides have told us that DRM is the best investment you can make for your wedding.


11. Customer Service


How fast did they get back to you after you filled out the inquiry form or left a message? Do they have any office staff? Will you be able to speak with the bandleader or have to deal with assistants and consultants? How fast have they responded to your emails? Did they remember the details from your last conversation? Do they seem to care about you as a person or just an account number? How often do they meet with their clients?

DRM’s 24/48 policy insures that we will respond to all emails or calls within 24 hours during the week and with 48 hours on the weekend. You can also speak with David directly on his cell phone 773.719.7610. David and his assistant are always here to help you!


In summary: do your research, ask lots of questions and be open minded about your budget. Keep these important factors in mind when selecting your band!

After you review these factors we hope you’ll see that David Rothstein Music is by far the smartest choice you’ll make for your wedding. Call us @773.244.1239 or fill out the inquiry form.