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These are photos of our band packing dance floors at recent weddings, special gifts we've created and pics of our incredible musicians. These aren't just highlights of the greatest weddings we've played. This is what we do for EVERY wedding we play for 16 years and counting! Our goal is to get all of your guests dancing all night long with the best musicians in Chicago. We have a huge song list and are able to quickly adapt to what your guests are dancing to at your wedding. Look at the wedding albums below from recent weddings we've played. We look forward to packing your dance floor! Your guests will say your wedding was the best one ever! Enjoy the Photos!

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  • Imagine having your dance floor jam packed with all of your favorite people dancing to all your favorite songs. The energy of our 10 Piece Orchestra is absolutely incredible! You'll see guests dancing you've never seen dance before. We play the best of everything!
  • To get a packed dance floor like this, it is important to have a high energy band and a high energy group of guests. Our band loves to feed off the energy of the crowd and the crowd can always feel the high energy of our musicians.
  • If you want to have everyone of your guests dancing all night you need our versatile orchestra. Notice the grandmother of the bride dancing right next to the bride's BFFs. We are great about choosing the perfect song at the perfect time based on your requests!
  • Our high energy vocalist Steve Grissette loves to interact directly with you and your guests. He and the other vocalists use wireless mics so they can sing on the dance floor for specific songs. The connection between the band and your guests is incredible!
  • You and your guests are going to have so much fun dancing to our high energy band. Be ready for lots of phone calls and your Facebook page filled with posts about how fun your wedding was! We will get all your guests dancing from the first song to the last.
  • All of your guests will love watching the most enthusiastic Michael Jackson fans do their best impression when we pass out a few MJ hats, gloves and glasses. We Love playing Michael Jackson's greatest hits. If you love it, we love it!
  • How would you like to experience our horn section of trumpet, sax and trombone playing right next to you on the dance floor? Since our horns are wireless they can play anywhere in your ballroom. It will bring your wedding to the next level!
  • Maya Angelou says, "People forget what you do, People forget what say, but people remember how you make them feel." Having our high energy band playing for you and your guests' favorite songs will make everybody feel incredible.
  • What's the one song that you and your BFFs love singing together? We want to know. You'll get unlimited song requests. If you love some ridiculous song that's only meaningful to you and your friends, we'll be thrilled to have it ready to go for your big day!
  • Imagine being seated on the dance floor while all your guests entertain you with this fantastic and creative group dance. You can see how it works by clicking on the videos page. It's a lot of fun and will create a special memory that you and your guests will love.
  • You want to have all your guests dancing all night long. That's our goal too. You'll see in this photo people of all ages dancing together. You will hear music that ranges from the hottest top 40 to Motown to classic Sinatra.
  • Celebrate your big day with all your BBFs. Sing along to all the songs you love singing together. If you have any special requests, please let us know. We're more than happy to learn them for you. Your girlfriends will all say "OMG, your wedding was amazing!"
  • We give you unlimited song requests, so be creative! Tell us your college fight song, your BBF torch song from the 80s, your buddies road trip song. Even if we've never played the song before or won't ever play it again. If it's important to you, it's important to us!
  • This creative limbo dance was started by the guests. It was hilarious! If you have any traditions with your family or friends that you always do at each others wedding please let us know. We want to make your wedding as meaningful and as fun as possible.
  • You'll get to enjoy all your favorite songs all night. Our vocalists select the next song based on your requests and how your guests are reacting on the dance floor. Get everything you want for your wedding! People will talk about your wedding for years!
  • Great weddings always have great music. You'll be able to have every one of your guests having the time of their life from the first note to the last. Brides and grooms say all the time that they saw guests dancing that they've never seen dance before.
  • Music is created by the talents of live musicians. It's something you just can't recreate with electronics. Imagine feeling the energy and power of 3 exciting horns, Sax, Trumpet and Trombone performing right next to you and your guests!
  • Kelsey and Erik love boating on her parents' yacht in Wisconsin, so for their special gift I went to a Marine Boating store in the city and bought them an actual Live Saver which all their guests signed! They were surprised and thrilled. The Love Boat indeed!
  • You are one of a kind! We want to hear your story about how you met. What you love to do together? Where did you go to school? What are your crazy family traditions? Every band says they will pack your dance floor, but DRM makes your wedding truly yours!
  • Danielle and Steve had their wedding at The Shedd Aquarium so for their wedding I got them diving fins from a scuba store. The paint markers I got from an art store made sure the autographs will stay on! Best Fishes!!
  • Alex and Lindsay LOVE playing tennis together so I got them this Wilson 100th Anniversary Racquet Bag. The same one Serena Williams uses. Everyone signed it and they were so excited to get it! LOVE in more ways than one!
  • Remember the first time you saw HD instead of regular TV? That's what you and your guests will feel after going to other weddings with average bands and then going to yours! The Best Wedding Ever!
  • Do you love Earth, Wind and Fire? Do you love Bruno Mars Songs. How about the best of Motown. Our 10-Piece Band gives a full dynamic and powerful horn section you and your guests will love!
  • You and your guests will feel the power and drive our amazing drummer Clyde Davis. He plays every song at the perfect tempo. He makes sure there's no breaks between songs, just one hit song after another. Clyde's powerful drumming will everyone dancing!
  • Your wedding needs high energy. It's what you and your guests will feel when our 10-Piece Orchestra plays for your wedding. Your dance floor will be jam packed from the first note to the last! Raise your hand if you're having an amazing time!
  • Blanca was from Peru. Mike was from Naperville. They both loved cooking together. I got them a mixing bowl which I thought symbolized the blending of both their cultures and their love of cooking.
  • The groom Brian is a carpenter. The bride Nora own a shoe. For their special gift, I bought them wooden shoes from Holland Michigan with their name and wedding date engraved on the side.
  • You can have one of the most talented vocalists in the nation for your wedding, Steve Grisette. Talk about high energy and passion. You and your guests will feel his energy and talents. Watch the videos and see for yourself.
  • While David is an accomplished bassist, for your wedding his ONLY job is to be your Emcee. He'll be available for you and all your vendors while the band plays. It's a big advantage for your reception. You get to relax, while he takes care of everything.
  • When it comes to the Blackhawks and their favorite player Patrick Sharp, Mary and Jordan are very enthusiastic. All their guests signed the jersey using Sharpie markers of course!
  • Ryan and Christie both went to UW and are HUGE Badger Fans. These helmets also double as snack holders. The top comes off so it can be filled with chips and the face mask has 2 compartments for more snacks. All their guests signed both helmets.
  • Brad and Caitlin are both teachers. For their gift I bought a chalkboard and created this complete with border strips of soccer balls which he is the school's coach and books since she's an English teacher.
  • Brian and Carlee really love the Cubs. After searching the various souvenir stores by Wrigley Field, I found a toaster that burns the Cubs logo on the toast. After their guests signed it I gave it to them, of course, during the toasts!
  • Kara and David's wedding was during the 2nd championship season. I went to Hawkquarters store on Michigan ave and got the biggest Blackhawks flag they made. We played Chelsea Dagger when we gave them their gift signed by all their guests!
  • Want one of the most talented and high energy vocalists in the nation for your wedding, you MUST have our incredible singer, Steve Grissette! He's worked with Stevie Wonder and Elton John and has thrilled DRM Couples for over 15 years!
  • If you love bands like Earth, Wind, and Fire, Chicago, or artists like Bruno Mars, you'll definitely want to include our full horn section Trumpet, Trombone, Sax for your wedding! Since they are wireless, they can perform anywhere on the dance floor!
  • How many people can you fit on your dance floor? Steve and the band will make sure all of your guests are absolutely thrilled and out of their minds happy!

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super helpful and supportive

David’s process for getting to know you, whats important to you for your wedding and what kind of music you want is impeccable. So after a great experience leading up to the wedding, our expectations were very high! And DRM exceeded them tenfold. The best part was that our dance floor was packed the entire night – young and old! A lot of people’s favorite moment was when the trumpet section came on to the dance floor with everyone! Everyone had a blast and a million people told me that they’ve never had so much fun at a wedding or that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. And I know these people and they were not just being nice. I attribute 95% of this to David and his band. If I had to do it again all over on a budget, I would hire David, and skimp on everything else. Nothing else is as important as the atmosphere, energy and the fun at your wedding. Thanks David!!!!

- Kafi and Jimi Matus

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