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Why Do We Only Use Live Photos?

Our dance floor was packed all night! Our guests are still raving about what an awesome party it was and how they have never been to a wedding where the band was rocking hard and so many people were dancing! I’m so happy we booked them for our wedding!

- Eric & Shannon

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Braden and Ali - Marriott Michigan Ave.

This wedding had everything! Their dance floor was packed from the very first song and stay they way all night. Our band learned 9 new songs. They wanted everything from Top 40 to Motown to Sinatra. Even though they weren't Jewish they wanted us to play the hora! This wedding was incredibly fun with a wide variety of music to keep everyone of their guests dancing like crazy!

Marcie and Andy - Cafe Brauer

What will your guests remember about your wedding? If it's anything like Marcie's and Andy's wedding, it will be the music! Their dance floor was packed to the brim from the very moment they started dancing. The high energy of the band turned their elegant affair into a party their guests will never forget! The bride said after the wedding that "So many people said it was by far the BEST band they'd ever seen and they had never danced so much at a wedding!!" They donated all the flowers afterwards as part of our Share Your Love program. THIS WEDDING WAS FABULOUS!

Rachel and Patrick - Knickerbocker Photos by Christy Tyler Photography

The historic and dynamic Knickerbocker Hotel was the venue for this amazing wedding. Our 11-Piece Orchestra kept their dance floor jam packed all night long. We played everything from Sinatra to the hottest Top 40! What an exciting and fun night!!

Kara and David - Fulton's on the River

Whenever you have a great couple, a fun couple and a high energy band you're going to have an amazing wedding like this. The bride and groom was on the dance floor all night. It inspired ALL their guests to celebrate with them all night long! Oh What a Night!

Gretchen and Danny - River E. Arts

Gretchen and Danny were both talented musicians in college. so they REALLY knew music! Their expectations were high and we delivered as they said in their video testimonial "far beyond anything we could have possibly dreamed of!" Their dance floor was jammed packed all night long!! The bride and groom as well as dozens of their guests said this was the best wedding band they'd EVER heard!

Lisa and Dominic - DiNolpho's

This was a super fun wedding with about 220 guests. Our jazz trio played for cocktails and our full 11-Piece orchestra for both dinner and dancing. Since they were huge Elvis fans we learned and played 7 Elvis songs. We also gave then a life size standee of Elvis which all their guests signed. They said. "Thank, Thank You Very Much!"

Molly and Tim - Union League Club

Talk about a packed dance floor! What a way to start the year! Molly and Tim had over 200 guests that were there to celebrate and did they ever! We played 8 special songs they requested. Her brother Marty, along with the groom on guitar, sang 2 great songs with the band. We love requests!! It's all about creating special meaningful moments. They were huge Bears Fans so we played, "Bear Down Chicago Bears" and gave them a Bears Football designed for autographs that all their guests signed. WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!

Laura and Mike - Hyatt Lodge

This wedding was SPECTACULAR! There was such great energy from the guests- even during cocktails. David knew this was going to be a great night. Once the dancing started, it was absolutely off the charts with people singing, dancing and yelling from the first note to the last. BE SURE to watch the video. This was less like a wedding and more like a rock concert. The band and crowd fed off each other. The dance floor was PACKED right to the end. Another Incredible night for all! WOW!!!

Michelle and Frank - Venutti's

Congrats to Michelle and Frank on their incredible wedding last night! It was a super high energy crowd of 2 huge Italian families. We had our 11-Piece Orchestra for the entire night! The wedding had 290 guests and went until 12:30am! So much fun!!

Jodi and Avram - Milwaukee

This was a giant Jewish Wedding with our 10-Piece Orchestra playing a Hora Dance Set for 50 minutes non-stop. The dance floor was packed throughout the hora as well as for the entire night. The planner at the Hilton where the wedding was held said we were the best band she's ever heard there since she started 11 years ago. OY What a Night!

Julie and Patrick - Hyatt Lodge

Julie and Patrick's wedding was so much fun! There was a wide range of age groups there from 22 to 82. We adjusted songs we played based on how we saw the guests reacting to what we played. Our 11-Piece Orchestra played a great balance of the hottest Top 40 to Sinatra and everything in between. The Dance floor was rocking all night with all their guests!

Carlee and Brian - Hyatt Lodge

Carlee and Brian had such a great energy about them. Their family and friends were just as excited to have our band there. They said they told their friends all about us. Once our 11-Piece Band finished playing their formal dances, the dance floor was jam packed and stayed that way all night! They were big Cubs fans so we gave them a Cubs toaster which all their guests signed. We adjusted the song requests based on the crowd. What a spectacular night!!

Sarah and Andrew - Hyatt Lodge

The dance floor jam packed with 250 guests from the first note to the last. What made it extra special was seeing the sister of the groom Meredith and her awesome husband Mark whose wedding we played for in July of 2011. There were also the parents of Kate and Brady. We played their wedding in 2008. That was the first wedding we started the Share Your Love Flower donation program. It was so great to see them all again. Oh What a Night!

Ellen and Bryan - Deer Path Inn

Ellen and Bryan are such an enthusiastic couple! Their wedding was the same way. All their guests were ready for an incredible night of dancing. We learned a bunch of Top 40 songs as well as their college fight song, Michigan State. To keep their dance floor PACKED, I adjusted the song list based on what they were dancing to. Everybody was so generous and thrilled with the band we all felt like we were old friends celebrating together. An AMAZING night for everybody!

Georgette and Joel - Palos C.C.

This was one of the most enthusiastic weddings we've ever been a part of. Their entire bridal party wore Chicago Blackhawks jerseys when they were introduced. The crowd was on fire from the very beginning. They were so wild and energetic that the entire place was up for grabs as soon as our band started playing. David adjusted the set list to match the crowd perfectly. Everyone from people in the 20s to people in their 70s turned the venue upside down, The venue contact said, "Your band was the best that I've ever heard play here!" The bride and groom, family and guests seemed to agree. WHAT AN AMAZING WEDDING!!

Suzanne and Jon - Intercontinental

What a spectacular wedding!! The bride Suzanne was such a blast. Her energy was amazing! Their family and friends were buzzing all night. Once we started dancing, the place was up for grabs. Everybody from their friends, parents and grandparents were dancing like crazy!! We added a bunch of fun personal touches and learned 7 new songs including the theme song to their favorite show, Wheel of Fortune. There was so much high energy between the band and the guests. OMG! This wedding was SO MUCH FUN!! I LOVE MY JOB!

Lauren and Matthew - Tower Club

This wedding proves that even smaller weddings can be absolutely fabulous. The beautiful Tower Club was the perfect location for Loren and Matthew's wedding. There were times when every single guest was on the dance floor. Her Dad sang "My Girl" with the band. They were both violinists so David bought them a China Plate from The Chicago Symphony Gift Shop. Loren put a lot of very specific details and requests in the schedule. We played only the songs they requested. We were happy to do all of them. A personalized high energy wedding!!

Ivy Room Chicago, IL

They wanted to start dancing right away!! As soon as the doors were opened, the dance floor was jam packed! This set the tone for the rest of the wedding. You could feel the energy! Be sure to check out the video from this event. Watch guests of all ages laughing and dancing! Todd is a professional singer/songwriter. He even sang one of his songs at the wedding. They were HUGE fans of Ray LaMontagne. Not only did we play three Ray LaMontagne songs, but I also purchased two tickets to see him in concert when he came to Chicago two months later. They couldn't believe it!!
Some of the best shots on our website were done by Chicago wedding photographer Colin Lyons.