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Ellen and Bryan are such an enthusiastic couple! Their wedding was the same way. All their guests were ready for an incredible night of dancing. We learned a bunch of Top 40 songs as well as their college fight song, Michigan State. To keep their dance floor PACKED, I adjusted the song list based on what they were dancing to. Everybody was so generous and thrilled with the band we all felt like we were old friends celebrating together. An AMAZING night for everybody!

Horns on the dance floor
Singing Queen
The Happy Bride!
Steve takes over the dance floor
Packed Dance Floor
Big time fun!
Earth Wind and Fire
Great Surprise
Wireless horns
Sweet Caroline
Oh What a Night!
So much fun!!
All Together
Hugs from all!
We are Family
I Feel Good
Everybody Dance Now!
You Da Man!
Good Times
I know we chose the right band!
Girls just want to Have Fun!
Fun for all ages
Soul Man
High Energy!
Let's here it for the band!
David Dancing
Joe Cool!
High Fives!
Michael Jackson lives!
Getting Down!
Twist and Shout!
Great Vocalists Steve and Kim
Laying down the bass groove

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