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Talk about a packed dance floor! What a way to start the year! Molly and Tim had over 200 guests that were there to celebrate and did they ever! We played 8 special songs they requested. Her brother Marty, along with the groom on guitar, sang 2 great songs with the band. We love requests!! It's all about creating special meaningful moments. They were huge Bears Fans so we played, "Bear Down Chicago Bears" and gave them a Bears Football designed for autographs that all their guests signed. WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!

We Pack Dance Floors!
Our High Energy Vocalist Steve Grissette on the dance floor!
Everybody Dance Now!
The Best of Top 40 to Motown!
Our wireless mics allow our vocalists and horns to perform on the dance floor next to your guests!
Dancing for all age groups. 25-85!
Dancing Queen!
The Band ripping through a special request!
Earth, Wind and Fire!!
Forget you!
Our 10-Piece Orchestra brings energy and power to every song for every wedding!!
The Happy Bride!
We select the next song based on what's happening at that moment on the dance floor.
Molly and Tim were HUGE Chicago Bears fans. For their gift, we learned and played

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