Those memories from that evening will always be treasured, thank you for being so attentive, professional and for consistently going above and beyond our expectations. We can’t thank you enough!

– Jessica and Shawn Olsen
Field Museum Chicago

How We Will Customize Your Wedding

Your Style

Formal or Casual, 50 to 500 Guests, all announcements or no announcements, background jazz or a full dance orchestra, it’s your choice. DRM has performed hundreds of events and can give you suggestions on how to make your next event a success. We’re always here to help you. The more questions the better. We look forward to learning about your style and help you get a wedding designed around you. Call us @773.244.1239.

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Your Music

DRM has a huge variety of music for your Ceremony, Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing. We will help you select the perfect songs for each portion of your event. To accommodate your special requests, our wedding music director Jeff Sanders can create arrangements for any song we don’t currently have in our repertoire. This is a free service that other bands may charge extra for. Ask David about our DRM Resource Center. It will help you select your music quickly and easily! If you’d like to dance to all your favorite songs call us @773.244.1239

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Your Ethnicity

DRM has performed for clients from a variety of ethnicities: Italian, Irish, Polish, Jewish, Russian, Latin, Korean, as well as combinations of cultures. We are familiar with various cultural traditions. For example we played a 50 minute Hora in Milwaukee. We learned 39 songs and included Jewish songs for their ceremony and cocktails. Feel free to teach us any songs or traditions you’d like to include. If you’d like to make your wedding as meaningful as possible call us @773.244.1239

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Your Sound

Our sound and lighting department is led by Jason VanHoose. Jason and our staff will bring the ideal equipment for your particular venue. The sound in some rooms is more challenging than others. We keep track of the layout, loading and acoustics of each room where we perform. It will be set up and tested at least two hours ahead of time and will be monitored throughout the event. Great lighting for your room is also available. If you want your wedding to sound and look perfect, call us @773.244.1239

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Two Sisters – Amy’s Wedding

Amy’s father called us after we played her wedding to hire us for his other daughter, Lindsay’s wedding for the following May.
They were very different personalities and as a result have very different types of weddings. Both brides were thrilled with their own unique wedding! We don’t care about the hottest trends. To us, all that counts is what’s authentic to you. That’s why your family and friends love you, not because you had cupcakes like Kim Kardashian had at her wedding, but because you’re real and special. Your wedding reception music will be authentic and everything you could hope for.

320 Guests
Huge bridal party
6 Toasts
Blessing over the meal
Bouquet and Garter
Loves Motown and Beatles


Lindsay’s Wedding

175 Guests
Bride and Groom intro only
2 Toasts
No Blessing
Bouquet only
Loves Rock and Top 40

If you want your wedding to be designed around you call us @773.244.1239

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