Your special touches like the book for our guests to sign, along with your very warm and engaging personality set the tone for a wedding we will never forget. You really cared about what we wanted.

–Lisa and Jason Shelton, Herrington Inn Geneva

We’ll Create Something Special Just For You

We ask each client to fill out a Tell Us More About You form in which you tell us how you met and what you love to do together etc. David creates a gift for FREE based on what you tell us. Then David asks all your guests to sign it at the wedding and gives it to you as a special one of a kind gift you’ll always treasure. See the photos and read the stories of couples we’ve played for in the past few years. What will we create for you? CLICK ON EACH GIFT TO SEE A LARGER VERSION.

Alana and Steven are big fans of Woody Allen. So we found an original poster from his Oscar Winning movie, "Annie Hall" and replaced the faces of Woody and Diane Keaton with theirs. Then we listed them as Best Bride and Groom and added title Best Original Wedding. We replaced the cast names with the names of the bridal party. Since the groom had an 8 year old daughter, Lily, we added her as Best Supporting Daughter. We listed all the vendors at the bottom. Alana and Steven and all their guests loved it. This was one of my favorite gifts we've ever done!

Megan and Christof's wedding had guests from all over the world. So for their gift, I got them a World Map and had their guests sign on the city or country they were from. People really had fun with it. The paper is Tyvek so it's super durable. What a Wonderful World!!

Karlee and Jay have a very special place they love to go to when they have something to celebrate like an anniversary, new job or just a special date night, Geja's. It's Chicago's most popular restaurant for Fondue. So for their special gift I bought them a fondue maker as a symbol of their love for each other as well as for their family and friends.

Deanna and Patrick love the Blackhawks and enjoy having their friends over to watch the games. So for their special gift I got them this Blackhawks chair which all their guests signed!

Brian and Carlee really love the Cubs. After searching the various souvenir stores by Wrigley Field, I found a toaster that burns the Cubs logo on the toast. After their guests signed it I gave it to them, of course, during the toasts!

Even though Alyson and David are both Jewish, this was an interfaith wedding. He was from Detroit and she is from Chicago. So for their gift I bought them a snack helmet for the Bears and one from the Detroit Lions. All their guests signed them. Lions, Weddings and Bears Oh My!

Danielle and Steve had their wedding at The Shedd Aquarium so for their wedding I got them diving fins from a scuba store. The paint markers I got from an art store made sure the autographs will stay on! Best Fishes!!

Andrew and Margaret love to make homemade pizzas so I went to Sur LaTable and bought them a pizza pan which all their guests signed. David also bought them a gourmet pizza cookbook. Abbondanza!!

The bride and groom, Alex and Lindsay, met while working at Disney World. So we got them the gift I got them which all their guests will sign at the wedding. They are both huge Disney fans and had their honeymoon at Disneyworld! When you wish upon a star your dreams come true.

John and Marilyn were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Their favorite thing to do is spending the day at the beach or on their boat with their children and grandkids. For their special day, I went to a marine store and found a waterproof cooler which all their guests signed. The forecast is sunshine for many more years to come!

Kelsey and Michael are big fans of the Chicago Blackhawks. So for their special gift I bought them a Official NHL Blackhawks Goalie helmet. All their guests were amazed and signed the helmet. At the end of the night we gave the signed helmet to them as a special one of a kind gift!

Chris and Lauren LOVE their new Great Dane puppy Zooey. We customized this poster originally from the Marmaduke movie just for them. Having a Great Dane shows that they certainly know how to live large!

Meaghan and Greg were both Irish. They met at The Trinity Festival on St. Patrick's Day. So I bought them an Irish flag with a Shamrock on it. All their 200 Guests signed the flag and we gave it to them as a special one of a kind gift!

Lauren and Eric love drinking wine, going out with their friends, watching their favorite TV shows, Golfing and Skiing. For their wedding in St. Charles, IL, David created an exact copy of the Monopoly Card for St. Charles Place.

Sarah and P.J. had their first date at a restaurant in Roscoe Village called Piazza Bella. David went there during the week. Spoke to a few managers, he told them he needed their help to create something special for the bride and groom.

Graham and Mary love golfing. They even got married at one of the top Golf Clubs in the midwest. For their special gift I bought the golf hats from their favorite brand of golf balls. This couple was indeed Taylor Made and Tailor Made.

Allison and Jon weddings met at an archeological exploration dig in Kenya. So for their gift I went to Home Depot and bought them a shovel. I added a little photo of them too. All their guests signed it. Allison and Jon really dug what we did for them! This is a couple that really knows how to dish the dirt!

Michael and Deanne love to do lots of things together, but one of their favorite things is something most people see as just ordinary. They love going grocery shopping. So David went to Jewel and bought a box of Heart to Heart cold cereal. All their guests signed the box. It was one of most unique gifts we’ve even given. Sometime love can make the ordinary seems extraordinary when you share it with someone you love!

Alex and Lindsay LOVE playing tennis together so I got them this Wilson 100th Anniversary Racquet Bag. The same one Serena Williams uses. Everyone signed it and they were so excited to get it! LOVE in more ways than one!

William K. Kellogg III – is the grandson of the founder of Kellogg’s. Our band was honored to play for his 80th birthday party. David wanted to create something special for him.

Holly went to school for music while Ryan studied photography. They both love the Beatles, so I found this photo journalism book all about the Beatles. Written by a writer/photographer who spend an entire year touring with the Beatles. All their guests signed it. "Imagine" how excited they were to get it!

Kara and David's was during the 2nd championship season. I went to Hawkquarters store on Michigan ave and got the biggest Blackhawks flag they made. We played Chelsea Dagger when we gave them their gift signed by their fellow Hawks fan guests!

Julie and Mike were both from New York and were big NY Yankees fans. I bought a photo from an antique store of Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and the Mayor of New York at Wrigley Field. I spray mounted it on black poster board which all their guests signed. We played, "New York, New York" for them too!

Our 10-Piece Orchestra was flown out to Beaver Creek Colorado for Angela and Dave's wedding. They both love skiing so I got them ski helmets for all their guests to sign.

Blanca was from Peru. Mike was from Naperville. They both loved cooking together. I got them a mixing bowl which I thought symbolized the blending of both their cultures and their love of cooking.

Talk about huge bulls fans Alex and Robin had season tickets and loved talking about the team. This was a special NBA issued Chicago Bulls basketball which all their guests signed.

Peter and Alison's favorite thing to do on the weekends was playing golf. They even played on their vacations, so I bought them a full sized golf bag which all their guests signed. Love is par for the course for these two!

Courtney and Jaime are huge Bears fans. Since their wedding was on 8.9 I went to the Bears Pro Shop at Soldier Field and bought them a Mike Ditka Jersey who was number 89! All their guests signed the jersey. Dat is correct my friend.

Marc and Jen love New Orleans Music and New Orleans Food. So I bought them a wonderful cookbook which has lots of authentic recipes, photos and stories from that one of a kind city! All their guests signed the book and I gave it to them special gift for a special couple. Our 10-Piece Band also play "When the Saints Go Marching In". The horn section lead all their guests all around the room as they waved their white handkerchiefs. Mardi Gras in Chicago!

Scott and Julie met while they were in college at U of I. I bought this duffle bag from the campus gift shop which their guests signed.

The groom Brian is a carpenter. The bride Nora owns a shoe store in Naperville. So to combine their jobs I bought them wooden shoes from Holland Michigan with their name and wedding date engraved on the side.

Frank and Antonia met while playing Scrabble on Facebook so I got them a original Scrabble board. We Crazy glued the tiles with their and their daughter's name (Ava) to board along with their favorite word, YES! Triple Word Score!

The groom Steven has an adorable and hilarious 8 year old daughter Lily. I wanted to do something special for her too. Alana and Steven said she loves horses so I found a wonderful book of horse photos. I asked all the guests to sign it. She loved the book and getting something special made just for her. Say hi to Lily!

Maura and Michael are HUGE Marquette University Basketball fans. I found the official team photo from the 2003 Final Four season. My graphic designer took a few photos I got from them and she created this 24"x36" poster which all their guests will sign. Maura has the basketball and Michael is standing behind her. Dwayne Wade is seated next to her.

Jonathan and Romey met at a bowling party in high school. They are also CRAZY Blackhawks fans. I found this Stanly Cup champion Blackhawks bowling ball which all their guests loved signing. This bowling ball was right up their alley!

Last night's bride and groom, Jimmy and Sydney, both went to University of Illinois located in Champaign, IL. They both also love wine tasting and drinking Champagne. So I went to Sur La Table and got them a Champagne Bucket. To make it more personal, I went to Campus Colors in Water Tower Place and got them a few U of I decals. All their 350 guests signed every inch of it. Cheers to Jimmy and Sydney! This was the Ultimate "Champaign-Champage" Bucket!

Casey and Kate Love Missouri Football, so we bought them a Official Mizzou Football Helmet signed by the Mizzou All Star QB Blaine Gabbert who now play for the 49ers. All the REAL stars, their family and friends, signed the helmet too!

Michelle and Mike live in Atlanta. Everytime they come to Chicago to see their family they ALWAYS go to Lou Malnati's Pizza. They even had their rehearsal dinner there. I called the corporate office and ordered 2 aprons which the staff wear which all their guests signed.

Shannon and Eric are giant Cubs fans. They go to games as much as possible with their family and freinds. One of Shannon and Eric’s favorite other things to do is BBQing with their family and friends

Jarrod and Kim are HUGE fans of the Muppets. After reviewing many Muppets posters and the photos they emailed us we chose this one. My graphic designer and I created this special poster just for them This was super fun.

Ryan and Christie both went to UW and are HUGE Badger Fans. These helmets also double as snack holders. The top comes off so it can be filled with chips and the face mask has 2 compartments for more snacks. All their guests signed both helmets.

Laura and Brian’s Favorite movie is “UP”. David loves this movie too! The idea was to create something really special for the bride and groom. There was an original high gloss 24″ x 36″ movie poster on Amazon. The poster was foam core mounted, all the guests were able to sign it!

Brad and Caitlin are both teachers. For their gift I bought and chalkboard are created this complete with border strips of soccer balls which he is the school's coach and books since she's an English teacher.

Mike and Katy LOVED Seinfeld. David wanted to create something really special since we are all Seinfeld fans too! After a few phone calls, he found a store in Hollywood where the studios drop off the scripts once they’re done shooting

Stephanie and Kevin both went to University of Dayton in Ohio. We contacted the University bookstore and spend about 20 minutes on the phone while going through the website looking for a unique gift which all their guests could sign.

Since Joel and Georgette were huge Blackhawks fans I bought them a program from the Stanley Cup Finals, a Keychain and a game two used hockey puck as a gift.

Jennifer and Larry's favorite show was "Friends". We played the theme song and everyone signed the fun poster.

Lisa and Dominc are the biggest Elvis fans I've ever met. They even got engaged at Graceland. Our band played 11 Elvis songs for them. I bought them a 6 foot Elvis standee from the Graceland giftshop. When I gave it to them they said, "Thank You, Thank You Very Much"

Susan and Michael Love gardening. So their gift was a watering can which all their guests signed. Hopefully it will help them to grow a beautiful garden of love of support for their new marriage!

Deanne and Carter were big fans of Mike Ditka. I found out when he was going to be his restaurant downtown. He recorded some well wishes on my iPhone which we played on a 30 foot screen at their reception. He also signed this 8x10 photo for them Da Bride, Da Groom and Da Coach.

Kim and Rick met while they were both working in Germany. So their special gift, David went to Berghoff's German restaurant and got them 2 beer steins. From one Rothstein to another Stein!

Alisa and David were big fans of Ron Santo. I gave them a Ron Santo throwback jersey which all their guests signed. We played "Go Cubs Go" which all they and all their guests sang along at the top of their lungs. FUN TIMES!

Paul and Michelle LOVE the White Sox. It's been a tradition for both their families for generations. These hats were signed by all their guests. They loved wearing them while dancing to our band playing, "Don't Stop Believing"! GO GO White Sox!

Julie, Matthew and their families are HUGE fans of Walt Disney World. They go there every year. Julie and Mathew also love playing board games. So I got them The Disney Trivial Pursuit Board game. Once all their guests sign the board it truly will be a magical gift for this Cinderella and her Prince Charming,

When it comes to the Blackhawks and their favorite player Patrick Sharp, Mary and Jordan are very enthusiastic. All their guests signed the jersey using Sharpie markers of course!

Kafi was a Chicago Loveabulls cheerleader. Both her and Jimmy work in the Beer/Wine and Spirits Business. They are both HUGE Bulls fans! For their special gift I found a company in L.A. that makes Beer Pong tables. It's based on the United Center Bulls Court. I bought 4 Bulls decals from Amazon and added them later. All their guests signed it. They and their guests were completely blown away and incredibly thrilled! This was really fun to create for them!

This is the gift from last night's wedding! Phil is a distributor for a liquor company. Carrie works for an ad agency. We took an original ad for the "Most interesting Man in the World" and replaced him with a photo of them and added the wedding date and venue. All their guests signed the poster. They truly are the Most Interesting Couple In the World!! "Stay Thirsty My Friends!"

Aaron proposed to Rebecca during of their morning jogs. When they took a break, he dropped down to one knee and popped the question. I ordered size 22 white sneakers which all their guests signed. No runaway bride here!

This Saturday night's bride and groom, Kelsey and Erik love boating, so I went to a Marine Boating store in the city and bought them a Live Saver which all their guests signed! The Love Boat!

Meghan and Joe are both fans of Notre Dame Football so I bought them 2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Snack helmets. They can put chips in the top section and snacks and dips in the face mask. The perfect way to enjoy some snacks while they watch Notre Dame Play Like Champions.

Kate and Phil studied and work in Finance, so for their special gift I got them a Sharp cash register. All their guests signed it with sliver metallic sharpie markers. This gives new meaning to the term "Bridal Registry"

Molly and Tim were HUGE Chicago Bears fans. For their gift, we learned and played "Bear Down Chicago Bears." The couple and all the guests sang along with our 10-Piece Orchestra. David bought them an autograph NFL Bears football. All their guests signed the ball and we gave it to them at the end of the night! Tim sang "Go Cubs Go" he received a baseball signed by Hall of Fame Cubs pitcher Lee Smith. Go Cubs, Bears, Molly and Tim!

Cam and Liz met playing on their company's softball team. She was the pitcher and he played first base. So for their special gift I got them an actual pitcher's mound and first base. Then I included a home plate to represent their new HOME together! All their guests signed the bases. Even though it seems like it came out of left field, it was a grand slam!

Adam and Ashley absolutely LOVE the hit comedy Arrested Development. I bought a poster from the TV show and had it mounted to poster board. All their guests signed it. A few months later one of the stars of the show Jeffrey Tambor was speaking in Chicago so I took them to see and meet him afterwords. One of my favorite shows and one of my favorite couples!

The newly married Murphys are HUGE Cubs fans so I had this custom jersey made for them which all their guests signed. They are both 24 years old and had their wedding on the 24th of the month!

This bride and groom LOVED to BBQ. He even created his own BBQ sauce. Guests signed funny things like. "love is Rare" and "your wedding was well done."

Steven and Yoona both went to Boston College. I bought them B.C. Monopoly. The game has all the famous places on the BC campus. All their guests signed the board.

Patrica and Adam are the biggest Star Wars fans I've ever met. Their favorite movie is Empire Strikes Back! So I bought them 2 Empire Strikes Back lunch boxes and a book with everything you ever wanted to know about Darth Vader. I wonder if Patricia's dad with say "I am your father!" during his speech. May the Force Be with Them for their wedding!

Scott and Katie were high school sweethearts. He was the Football star and she was the head cheerleader. I drove to Palatine High School and bought these #1 foam fingers. We also learned the high school fight song. GO PIRATES.

Beth and Todd loved bowling so I went to a Bowling Alley and bought them 2 bowling pins. I had all their guests sign them. Then got the collector's version of the The Big Lebowski.

We played the wedding for Chicago News legend Art Norman and his new wife Terri. They were both big Chicago Bears fans. This is an official NFL helmet which their guests sign. Everyone in the Chicago news media was there even reporters from CNN like Robin Meade. A super fun night!

Eva and Anthony LOVE the Hit TV show, "How I Met Your Mother". I took a photo from their Facebook and Linked pages and replaced the stars faces with theirs. All the guests will sign the 24" x 36" poster. We added their name and wedding date to the poster too.

Jeffrey and Rebeca are big fans of the HBO hit TV show " Boardwalk Empire". I purchased the 24" x 36" poster and had it foam core mounted. All their guests signed it.

Joel and Georgette's wedding day was 7.31 since they were huge Blackhawks fans they had the perfect jersey to mark their wedding date!

Erin and Jason met at a bean bag toss party while they both in school at Purdue. I called the Purdue gift shop on campus and ordered 2 of the bean bag boards. All their guests signed it and our 10-Piece band played the Purdue Fight Song when we presented them with their special gift. Hail Purdue and Hail Erin and Jason!

Bob and Melissa were the third generation of their family to graduate from Notre Dame so this giant ND flag along with the fight song was meaningful and fun for them and their families.

Bob and Jennifer are IU alumni and giant fans of Indiana Basketball. We even play the IU fan song which they and all their guests sang along. GO HOOSIERS!

Suzanne was a high energy city girl who worked with the latest technology. Jon was a country boy who was a quiet carpenter. I got them Donnie and Marie T-Shirts and gave it to them while we played "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit Rock and Roll."Opposite certainly do attract!

Victoria and David met at Indiana University. Many of their guests were also enthusiastic alumni. Our band learned and played the IU fight song, “Indiana, My Indiana”.

Martin and Blair are the biggest music lovers we've ever played for. Our band learned 16 brand new songs for their wedding. I did some research and found this book, "1001 You Must Hear Before You Die and 10,001 You Must Download" All their guests signed it. This gift was "Signed, Sealed Delivered!"