The 5 Common Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding dance in restaurant hall

5 Common Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

No wedding is complete without the right music. Set your wedding up for success with the right music and learn 5 common wedding music mistakes to avoid here.

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The right wedding music should keep guests entertained and have everyone on the dance floor for hours.

But get the music wrong and your big day can really fall flat.

For a wedding day to remember for all the right reasons, here are some common wedding music mistakes to avoid:

1. Not Planning Out Music for The Ceremony

Awkward silent first kisses and mistimed entrance music can spoil your big day.

Wedding music isn’t just for dancing. Think about the ceremony as a whole, including dinner, room switches, cutting the cake and taking photographs. Use soft background music as a way to keep guests entertained and fill waiting times.

Remember that your band will need to take a break too, so plan with them how to fill their breaks with prerecorded tracks or a DJ set.

2. Bad First Dance Choices

Choose a song that’s meaningful to both of you but check the lyrics first as many songs aren’t as romantic as you think.

Keep the dance to less than three minutes. It may not feel long to you, but to 100 guests watching three minutes can feel quite long.

And if you can’t decide on one song, avoid combing two or three as the crowd will lose interest. Save those other special songs for later in the evening.

3. Not Hiring An Experienced Band

The mixture of different guests at weddings can make for a tough crowd.

A professional band or DJ with wedding experience will know how to interact with your guests and make everyone feel included with the right wedding music.

And if you’re unsure whether to go for a band or a DJ on your big day, here are five reasons why a band is better than a DJ.

4. Only Playing Music You Want to Hear

It’s your party so you want it to reflect your musical taste. But, wedding parties often include a range of age groups, so take this into account when choosing your playlist.

Ask the DJ or band to break into some classic hits early on to get everyone up out of their seats. These 100 party songs should help get your list started.

Then later when the kids are in bed, you and your fellow party animals can dance away to your favorite tunes!

5. Not Making A ‘Play’ and ‘Do Not Play’ List

When it comes to choosing those songs you really want to hear, and the ones you really don’t, you need to be specific.

Instructions like ‘play something to dance to’ are too vague for the band to work with. And your idea of pop might be different to theirs, so make sure you make a list of the artists and songs you want to be played.

The ‘Do Not Play’ list is useful if guests request songs you can’t stand or if a particular song has a negative meaning for you or a guest. If it’s on the list, the band can suggest an alternative and keep everyone happy.

To find out more about our personalized wedding music package, get in touch to let us know what you’d love to be dancing to on your special day!