5 Memorable Ideas for Your Bride and Groom Dance

Bride and groom dance

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. So, music and dancing will play an integral role in creating beautiful memories. The bride and groom dance is the opportunity to show the world who you are as a couple. It can be a nod to shared memories, your family culture, and your sense of humor. It’s also the key to kicking off an amazing celebration of your love! Make sure you have an awesome Chicago wedding band to make it happen for you. Here are 5 memorable ideas for your bride and groom dance.

1. A Classic Song Title

Your wedding is not just for you and your soon-to-be spouse. It is also a celebration of family, which can include several generations. For your first song, you and your partner will want a song that holds special meaning for the two of you. A classic song may resonate with you both. It may also have significance for your parents and grandparents.  For example, Frank Sinatra love songs are timeless, and may even have been used by your in-laws at their own wedding. Even more contemporary classic love songs like Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” or some of the Beatles’ early hits will evoke memories for your guests of different generations. You may wish to acknowledge where you met (“I Left My Heart in San Francisco”) or the land of your ancestors by using a song from your culture. Don’t worry that other couples may have used your song at their weddings. There is a reason why certain songs are popular. A classic love song is likely to evoke gasps of awe. There may even be a few tears when you two take to the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife.

2. A Quirky Choice

Maybe you and your significant other want to do something different. Your bride and groom dance is a way to show the world your unique outlook on life. Many couples choose the less traditional path as a memorable way to kick off their married life. Certain rock ‘n’ roll anthems have become popular for the bridge and groom dance. Songs by Bob Marley, Beyonce and even Nirvana have been used. Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” has become a popular way to integrate singing, dancing and other members of the wedding party into the first dance. (The lyrics add a special irony to a bride and groom dance). This is your day, so you do not have to be constrained by customs or other people’s opinions on what music you should choose or how you dance your first dance. However,  if you do choose a quirky first song, try to include some traditional music in the rest of the event playlist. Your older guests might appreciate hearing a few songs they recognize at some point in the evening.

3. Choreographed Dance Numbers

As seen on Youtube, a recent trend for weddings has been the elaborately choreographed first dance. The traditional bridge and groom dance has opened up to include members of the wedding party. Some couples have included karaoke, “Dirty Dancing”-style leaps and catches, and references to popular videos. Large and familiar dances like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” can incorporate everyone in attendance. Flash mobs can be the ultimate bride and groom dance. However, they take a lot of work. Remember that choreography takes time and rehearsals. Make sure you schedule time before the ceremony to go over any fancy dance steps. For a couple who likes to dance anyway, this is a fun choice which will make a truly memorable wedding video to watch for years to come. Your video might even go viral!  Make sure that both of you are excited by the idea, however. Adding a high energy performance to an already busy and emotional event might not be appealing to everyone.

4. Sing Your Own Song

For the musically inclined couple, why not sing your own song? You might choose a classic song, or an original number written by a friend or one of you. Like writing your own vows, declaring your love to one another in a special song is a one- of-a-kind approach to the bride and groom dance. If dancing and singing at the same time seem like too much, think about recording the song together ahead of time. Some DJs can mix your own vocals in with an existing instrumental. There are websites which can help you write a song of your own with personalized lyrics.  You could even create a rap song which extols your beloved’s virtues! If one of you plays a musical instrument, you could also incorporate that into your bride and groom dance. For couples who share a special love of a sports team or college, singing a version of that organization’s theme song is another fun alternative.

5. Do More Than Dance

Not everyone is comfortable with dancing, especially in front of their entire family and friends. The official bride and groom dance does not have to last the whole number. You can also invite your parents and guests to join you after a few bars. Some couples break up the “first dance” sequence of the wedding with a slide show or video. Dim the lights and broadcast baby photos or pictures of the couple from earlier times in their lives. Maybe there are photos from the first date! Photos are also a nice way to acknowledge members of the family who may no longer be alive, but whom the couple would like to include on this special day. Taking the spotlight off the bride and groom also gives them a moment to appreciate each other amidst all of the excitement. On the other hand, some couples decide to do something really out-of-the-box at this point in the evening. One couple decided to have a Star Wars-style light saber battle!

Enjoy Your Bride And Groom Dance

Ultimately,  the bride and groom dance is one more way to showcase your unique qualities as a couple. You are only limited by your imagination on what you can include in your first dance. For your first dance,  choose whatever makes you two happy.

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