10 awesome bridal party entrance songs

It can be hard picking the right bridal party entrance song. You want something fun and energetic, but it needs to be right for the moment. There are so many different possibilities. Do you want a top 40 song? Some classic rock? Or maybe a little EDM? No worries, the folks at David Rothstein Music […]

6 common mistakes made when planning a wedding

To say planning a wedding is overwhelming would be an understatement. It seems there are hundreds of things to keep track of and accomplish with so little time to do it. Because of all the work involved, there are some mistakes couple make when planning. These involve everything from flowers to the dress. The folks […]

Bachelorette Party Playlist

Bachelorette parties are super fun time. It’s a night to celebrate your wedding with some of your best girlfriends. The right music can really get the party going. The folks at David Rothstein Music have made this playlist of awesome songs to play at your bachelorette party, enjoy! 1. Fifth Harmony – “Bo$$” Fifth Harmony, […]

6 ways to integrate dogs in your wedding

Written by Marc Robisch Dogs truly are a man’s best friend. Who better to share your big day with then your dog? Dogs are always excited, and to say they will look adorable in a little groomsmen bow or flower crown is an understatement. “A pet plays an important role in a couple’s life and […]

Cringeworthy Father/Daughter Dance Songs

  Written by Marc Robisch The father/daughter is one of the sweetest moments of the wedding. The right song won’t leave a dry eye in the house. There are a number of wonderful songs fathers and daughters can dance to at weddings, but it is important to analysis the lyrics before you pick your song. […]

8 things to calm your nerves on your wedding day

For some people, weddings are beautiful ceremonies that celebrate the love two people share. For others, weddings are train wrecks waiting to happen. It is important to stay calm on your wedding day, and not freak out when little things mess up. The folks at David Rothstein Music have compiled this list of little things […]


Written by Marc Robisch The first dance for a married couple is important because it shows the guests two people coming together as one. It is a moment to share with the person you love most. Whether you are spinning them around in your arms, gently swaying or getting lost in their eyes the first […]

What Makes One Chicago Wedding Band Better Than Another?

Let’s face it, you’ve never hired a wedding band before, and planning a wedding in general is a very challenging process. You have to buy a large number of products and services you’ve never bought before, and learn a great deal in a short period of time. Many couples decide on letting price be the […]

Why Do We Need An Emcee?

Many times, brides and grooms ask why it’s important to have an experienced emcee for their wedding, and why they can’t just have their hilarious outgoing friend Jimmy act as the MC. Here’s some reasons why every great wedding band needs to have a designated professional MC for each wedding. Let’s talk about what the […]

The Most Important Word for Judging A Wedding Band

When something has reached a higher level of quality, it is judged to be that way because of one word: consistency. Any wedding band can say they had this one incredible wedding 3 years ago or the one they played last weekend was amazing. You want a wedding band that’s going to be consistently incredible, week […]

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