Our Wedding Ceremony Music Guide


Dear Brides and Grooms,
This guide is designed to help you select and organize all your ceremony music. We have made selecting your ceremony music a simple and easy process. If you’d like to have the most helpful and professional Ceremony Music for your wedding call David @773.244.1239 or FILL OUT THE INQUIRY FORM

Step 1 – Establish overall program of your ceremony:

Talk to your wedding officiate to establish the overall ceremony time schedule and ceremony program. Your wedding planner or officiate can help you suggest the order of your bridal party.

It’s important to finalize the program and create an order of the people who will walk down the aisle during the Processional BEFORE you start selecting the music. Creating your ceremony is like preparing a good meal – you can’t skip the order.

Step 2 – Establish the type of ceremony:

Which of the descriptions most closely matches your wedding ceremony?

    • Traditional
    • Catholic mass
    • Shorter Christian Service
    • Jewish
    • Secular marriage
    • Non-Traditional
    • Other : Interfaith, 2nd marriage, etc…

KEY QUESTION: Is your ceremony going to be outside ?

Important information if your ceremony is scheduled to be outside:

If inclement weather conditions prevail, an alternate site must be arranged. Inclement weather includes, but is not limited to: rain, drizzle, excessive heat (above 90 degrees), or cold (below 60 degrees).

If possible, avoid placing the musicians in direct sunlight to protect the instruments. A shaded area is ideal. Please ask if you have any questions.

In certain cases musicians will bring and set up a special tent for their protection. An additional $50 deposit will be added to your remaining balance and will be returned back to you if there was no need for the tent.

Note: If you prefer us to design music for your Ceremony, you can stop reading at the end of this paragraph. Just go thru Step 1 and Step 2 above. Write down and email your notes to us. We’ll choose an appropriate music selection and then run it by you – making sure you are happy with our choices.

Question 1:
Let us know if you have hired additional musicians (church organist, vocalist, etc.) and send us their contact email if possible.

Question 2:
Is there a party planner or somebody from the venue who will be helping you at the ceremony site? Send us their email as well, please.

Parts of your Ceremony:

Selection of classical, or other styles of music. Music played as your guests enter the ceremony room and are seated. This usually begins 15 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony.

Note: Music for Prelude typically works the best if you give us some freedom to choose appropriate musical numbers. Let us feel and work with the crowd on the spot. However, if you specifically tell us something that you want or don’t want, or provide us with any other info like “my guests are from France or Italy will be there” or “my favorite song is ____,” or “my family loves______.” We’d be more than happy to accommodate you as much as possible.

Once all the guests are seated, the actual service begins with the bridal party walking down the aisle.


Note: Seating of parents and grandparents could open your processional.

The processional is divided into 2 parts: One for the bridal party and one for the bride.

  • Bridal Party Processional
  • Bridal Processional

Service Music – Optional

  • Unity Candle
  • Presentation of Flowers
  • Concert Piece


As you are pronounced as man and wife, you both come down the aisle and exit the room. Congratulations! The musicians will continue to play until all your guests have left the room.

Step 3 – Listening and Choosing the Music:

Jewish Songs: Press the PLAY button to listen to each song

David Rothstein Music is very experienced with performing Jewish Wedding Ceremonies. Led by one of the greatest klezmer violinists in the nation, Alex Koffman. He is also the music director for the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band for 20 years. Alex is an absolute expert with all the Jewish Wedding Ceremony Music Repertoire. He will work with you directly to select the perfect Jewish Music for your Prelude, Processional and Recessional Music. Alex is also very experienced with Interfaith weddings as well.

Listen to the various short recordings of Alex performing with his pianist some of the most popular songs of the Jewish repertoire. These songs can also be performed by any of the ensembles we offer Classical Duo (Violin and Piano), Classical Trio (Violin, Piano and Cello) or our String Quartet (2 Violins, Viola and Cello). Our clients love working with Alex for selecting all the music for Jewish or Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies. We know you will too!

If you’d like beautiful music for your Jewish or Interfaith wedding call us @773.244.1239 or fill out the inquiry form.

Erev Shel Sho Shanim
01 Erev Shel Shoshanim.mp3
Dodi Li (modern)
02 Dodi Li (modern)
Dodi Li (trad.)
03 Dodi Li (traditional)
Shalom Alechem
04 Shalom Alechem.mp3
Sunrise Sunset
05 Sunrise Sunset.mp3
The Wedding Song
06 The Wedding Song.mp3
Oifn Propetchek
07 Oifn Propetchek.mp3
Yedid Nefesh
08 Yedid Nefesh.mp3
Erev Ba
09 Erev Ba.mp3
Etz Chaim
10 Etz Chaim.mp3
Iti Milvanon
11 Iti Milvanon.mp3
Siman Tov Mazel Tov
12 Siman Tov Mazel Tov.mp3
Chusn Kalleh Mazel Tov
13 Chusn Kalleh Mazel Tov.mp3
Our Love is Here to Stay
14 Our Love is Here to Stay.mp3
Gershwin Medley
15 Gershwin Medely.mp3
Kaliski Bulgar
16 Hora Agaditi.mp3
The Lark
17 The Lark.mp3
Russian Medley
18 Tango.mp3
The Weary Sun
19 The Weary Sun.mp3
Tarantella (Italian)
20 Tarentella.mp3

Complete Audio Ceremony samples:
Press the PLAY button to listen to each song.


Music begins as your guests enter the ceremony area prior to the start of the actual service. Pick 2-4 songs or DRM can select these songs for you. In your program simply write “Selection of Classical Music”.

1. W.A.Mozart
2. W.A.Mozart
3. F.Schubert
4. E. Elgar
5. F. Mendelssohn
6. P.Tchaikovsky
7. F.Kreisler
8. I. Albeniz
9. M.Oginski
10. J. Ivanovici
11. M.Glinka
12. G. Bizet
13. Louiguy
14. J. Strauss, Jr.
15. A.Vivaldi
16. A.Vivaldi
17. G.F. Handel
18. J.S.Bach
19. J.S.Bach
20. C. Debussy
21. J. Massenet
22. W.A.Mozart
23. W.A.Mozart
24. W.A.Mozart
25. W.A.Mozart
26. F.Schubert
27. C. Saint-Saens
28. N. Rimsky-Korsakov
29. A. Borodin
30. E. Satie
31. Enya
32. J. Lennon
Voi, Che Sapete from opera The Marriage Of Figaro
Allegro from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Serenade from Schwanengesang, #4
Salut d’Amour, Op.12
On Wings Of Song
Tango in D
Danube Waves
Romance “Ya Pomnyu Choodnoe Mgnovenie”
Habanera (from Carmen)
La Vien Rose (French)
Vienna, My City Of Dreams
Allegro from Four Seasons: Spring
Largo from Four Seasons: Winter
Air from The Water Music
Air from Suite #3 in D major
Arioso from Cantata #156
Meditation from opera Thais
Romanza from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Menuetto from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
2nd movement from Sonata in C major
1st movement from Sonata in A major
Andante from String Quartet in A minor
The Swan
Scheherazade Theme
Nocturne (from String Quartet #2)
Gynopedie No.1 from Trois Gymnopedies
Only Time
In My Life


All the guests are now seated. Your bridal party is now escorted down the aisle, followed by the bride. Select 1 Song for the Bridal Party and 1 Song for the Bride. For additional songs to choose from, select from #13-32.

33. J. Pachelbel
34. J.S.Bach
35. R. Wagner
36. J. Clarke
Canon in D
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin
Trumpet Voluntary


This includes music during the lighting of the unity candle, presentation of flowers, concert pieces and any additional music during the body of the ceremony service. Select only songs which your ceremony requires.

37. J.S. Bach
38. C. Franck
39. F.Schubert
40. L. Bernstein
41. D. Foster
42. Trad. American
Bist Du Bei Mir
Panis Angelicus
Ave Maria
One Hand, One Heart
The Prayer
Amazing Grace


As you are pronounced man and wife and leave the ceremony. Select 1 song. Musicians will continue playing until all your guests have left the church or ceremony area.

43. F. Mendelssohn
44. G.F. Handel
45. J.J. Mouret
46. L.V.Beethoven
47. A.Vivaldi
48. A.Vivaldi
49. H. Purcell
50. J.S.Bach
Wedding March from A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Hornpipe from Water Music
Rondeau from Sinfonies de Fanfares #36
Ode To Joy from Symphony #9
Danza Pastorale from Four Seasons: Spring
Allegro from Four Seasons: Autumn
Trumpet tune
March in D Major from Anna Magdalene Bach Notebook

EXAMPLE of a traditional Wedding Ceremony:

51. PROCESSIONAL Seating grandparents and parents
J.S.Bach Jesu,
of Man’s Desiring from Cantata #147
J. Pachelbel Canon in D
R. Wagner Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin
F. Mendelssohn On Wings Of Song
J. Clarke Trumpet Voluntary
G.F. Handel Hornpipe from Water Music (orchestral suite)

Step 4 – Putting Together Your Program:

The following are actual examples from a variety of wedding ceremonies we have recently performed. Take some notes for yourself. Remember your ceremony may be much simpler — just choose what works for YOU.

EXAMPLE #1 (Church Wedding Mass)

Note: Church Contact Father Lech

Prelude: Selection of classical music

NOTES: Mothers will light the candles. Parents will be seated prior to the Processional. Brooke gives me a signal that the Processional is about to begin, allowing 15 to 30 seconds to finish the last music piece of the Prelude. After we finish last Prelude piece, we’ll make a 10 second pause so that everyone’s attention will be there. Once you hear new music started, begin sending people down the aisle.

Processional Bridal Party:……………J.S. Bach – Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Joanna Maka
Mike Bachenberg

Tom Fabian

Nicole Espinoza
Carlos Espinoza

Wesley Maka

Ana Padilla
Mario Padilla

Gloria De La Torre
Jose De La Torre

Krisy Gilman
Mike Kelderhouse

Maid Of Honor: Eva Bunch Best Man: David Musial

Flower Girls:

Diane Zaldua, Madison Maka

Cynthia Rosales, Mia Espinoza

Ring Bearer: T.J. Maka

Bridal Processional:……………J. Pachelbel Canon in D

Service Music

  • Greeting
  • Opening Prayer
  • 1st Reading
  • Psalm
  • 2nd Reading
  • Acclamation – Alleluia
  • Gospel
  • Homily
  • Vows
  • Exchanging of the rings
  • Lighting of the unity candle……….W.A. Mozart Sonata in C major 2nd movement
  • Gifts to altar
  • Our Father
  • Sign of Peace………J.S.Bach Arioso from Cantata #156
  • Holy Communion……….A.Vivaldi Largo from Four Seasons: Winter
  • Walk to Virgin Mary……….Ave Maria
  • Recessional……….J. Clarke Trumpet Voluntary

EXAMPLE #2 Ceremony at same venue as reception

Prelude Music:……….Selection of favorite classical music including Air, J.S. Bach; Spring, Vivaldi

Note: CUE: Officiate Ed Hoover and Quinn enter from the side area and walk to the center

Processional Music:………….J.S.Bach Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Grandparents are seated)

Parents of The Groom: William and Linda

Kristin’s Mom, Terry, Escorted by Mark

Attendants Follow:
Megan Escorted By Andy
Sarah Escorted By Tim
Becky Escorted By Marcus — (Maid of Honor/Best Man)

Flower Girl: Abby
Ring Bearer: Adam

Note: Kristin and Dad wait calmly to enter as Music changes to:

BRIDAL: ……………J. Pachelbel Canon in D (Guests Rise)

RECESSIONAL: ……………J. Clarke Trumpet Voluntary

EXAMPLE #3 (Non-Traditional)

PRELUDE……………Selection of classical and pop music (including Sunrise, Sunset; It Had To Be You)

Note: until (cue) Judge comes out in front from the side; Groomsmen lining up in front from the other side entrance.

Processional:……………John Lennon In My Life

Ushers are sitting parents

Best Man Walking down;

Groom is walking down;

Bridesmaid 1

Bridesmaid 2

Bridesmaid 3

Made of Honor;

Flower girls (2)………close the doors………

NOTES: …………..small pause …………… Doors opened:

Bridal:……………La Vien Rose (French)

Candle Lighting:……………C. Saint-Saens – The Swan

Presentation of Flowers:……………A. Borodin Nocturne (from String Quartet #2)

Recessional:……………L.V.Beethoven Ode To Joy from Symphony #9 – G.F. Handel Hornpipe

EXAMPLE #4 (Interfaith Marriage)

Prelude Music
Ceremony: Interfaith Jewish/Catholic Ceremony

Note: The ceremony will be outside.

Prelude:……………Jewish/Classical including Four Season’s Spring

Processional:………….Dodi Li modern
Priest and Rabbi
Best Man
Groom’s Parents (halfway)
Groom walks with parents to Chuppah

Bridal Party
Flower Girl and Maid of Honor
Bride’s Parents (halfway)

Bridal: (Bride walks with parents to Chuppah)…………..Canon in D

Service Music
Signing of the Ketubah:……………One Hand One Heart

Recessional:……………Siman Tov

Step 5 – Submitting, Double Checking and Adjusting:

The order of Bridal Party is very important. It affects the choice and length of each song. The written out order will also help the musicians know when to change the music.

Once you’re done choosing the music for your ceremony, simply email your Ceremony Schedule and the order of your bridal party along with your music choices. Alex will check it over, fill in the gaps, and recommend any slight adjustments. Now your ceremony program is ready to be printed out for the guests.

During the week of your wedding, Alex will confirm all of the ceremony details and make sure there aren’t any last minute changes.

Step 6 – On the Day of the Wedding:

Towards the end of the Prelude music, right before the ceremony is about to begin, musicians would appreciate someone giving them a sign that all the people in the Processional are lined up and ready to start walking down. About 10 to 30 sec. required for us in order to finish the last Prelude piece and prepare for the Processional music. A little pause is typical in between. Once the song for the Processional begins, walk down the aisle and enjoy!

You are welcome to call Alex if you have any additional questions at 847.274.3416, or email him at alex.koffman@gmail.com. He would be happy to help you!

We hope you found this guide to be helpful!

Best Wishes,

Alex Koffman – Ceremony Music Consultant

David Rothstein – Reception Music Consultant