Wedding Ceremony Music Department

Why Our Ceremony Music Department is Better. Choose the perfect ensemble for your ceremony.

These are separate musicians that are specifically trained to play ceremony music

"The ceremony trio did a great job playing the Beatles songs we had asked for, which made for an absolutely perfect ceremony atmosphere." - Julie and Ryan D.



Discover Why Our Ceremony Music Department is Better.

What We Do ?

Provide you with a Separate Ceremony Music Department. Trained Just for Ceremony Music.

What other companies do ?

Use the same musicians for both. Their reception musicians aren’t trained as ceremony musicians. They will need to leave your ceremony early and set up late for cocktails in front of your guests.

How We Do It Better ?

You’ll get experienced musicians who are specifically trained in ceremony music who provide a smooth transition between the ceremony and cocktails. They will continue to play until all your guests have left the ceremony room. The Jazz Trio will already be set up for cocktails and will start playing soon as your guests enter the room.

You will work directly with our wedding ceremony music director/violinist, Alex Koffman. He will help you select the perfect repertoire for each aspect of your wedding ceremony. He is a world class violinist who is an absolute expert in helping to organize and perform Jewish, Catholic and Interfaith weddings of all sizes and styles. As a client, you’ll also have access to our helpful and innovative CEREMONY PLANNING GUIDE. Planning all the music for your ceremony super easy. We’ll help you every step of the way.

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Super helpful and supportive!

David's process for getting to know you, whats important to you for your wedding is impeccable. And DRM exceeded them tenfold. The best par was that our dance floor was packed the entire night - young and old! Everyone had a blast and everyone told me that they've never had so much fun at a wedding. I attribute 95% of this to David and his band. If I had to do it again all over on a budget, I would hire David, and skimp on everything els. Nothing else is as important as the atmosphere, energy and the fun at your wedding.

Thanks David!!!!

-Kafi and Jimi Matus