What to Include in Your Next Chicago Corporate Event

corporate event

The way your company runs corporate events can make or break its reputation. 

Our economy is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and virtual meetings. This trend is leading clients to place a greater importance on opportunities to attend in-person events. 

A great corporate event will wow your employees, partners, and clients, and will set you apart from your competition. A poorly-planned event, however, can be disappointing and reflects poorly on your business. 

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. 

If you’re looking to throw a unique event that will promote your company’s brand, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are our favorite ideas to incorporate into your next corporate event. 

Using social media to promote your corporate event

The use of social media among Americans has exploded in the past several years.

Recently, studies showed that close to 80% of all adults use Facebook. 

This means that most of your clients are likely already using social media. So, using features like Facebook live and Twitter hashtags can be a great way to make the event more interactive for attendees.

Social media engagement can also help your company collect data. Tracking the content that interests your attendees can give you information about what works and what doesn’t. 

Additionally, there are always folks who weren’t able to make it to the event. Social media can help generate excitement.

Your social media followers will see the great things happening at your event. This can motivate people to attend the next chance they have. 

Personalization and customization

Marketers have always sought to personalize their offerings based on the interests of their target market. Access to big data has made this easier than ever before.

While you’re planning your event, take the time to research your prospective attendees.

Information about their likes and dislikes can help you market the event better. You can also incorporate more features that will interest them. 

Additionally, many event planners use technology to personalize attendees’ experience.

You can set a flexible schedule that gives attendees choices about the content they want to see, or the people they want to connect with.

Unique venues

Something that tends to frustrate attendees about corporate events is monotony. In general, these events deliver the same kinds of presentations. They also serve the same kind of food and are hosted at the same kind of venues. 

Choosing a unique location for your event can be a great way to set your company apart. 

Museums, sports/concert venues, and private villas can all provide a unique backdrop for your event. 

Or, for something truly out of the ordinary, you might consider a zoo or a theme park. Holding your event in a unique venue shows clients that your company knows how to work hard, as well as play hard!

If you’re ready to plan your next Chicago corporate event, contact us for a free quote. Our planning professionals will work with your team to plan an event your clients won’t forget anytime soon!