Our Story

How Did David Rothstein Music Become One Of The Best Wedding Bands in Chicago?

David had a dream to create a music company that was special. A company that would give you the most incredible music and meaningful memories way above and beyond your expectations! Music and giving are his two biggest passions. From the moment you meet him, you will know you’re in good hands. He is a great balance of using the latest technology and old school ethics of how to treat people with kindness.

What inspired you to start David Rothstein Music?

In 1994, after returning from touring with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, I started playing with various wedding bands in the Chicago area. After a number of years performing as a bassist for these bands, I found one truth was consistent in every group: they treated every client exactly the same. I could almost always predict what song was going to be played next. Even if people weren’t dancing to a particular song, they would keep playing it only because the song was on the set list and it worked for a client last week. I felt that clients deserved to be treated better than just being another date on their calendar. We believe every couple has their own story. That’s why in 1999, I decided to start David Rothstein Music, Inc. I’m as inspired in 2019 as I was in 1999!

How Did You Build Your Company?

I auditioned the best possible and most professional musicians in Chicago. I wanted not only great players, but incredibly reliable and professional people. Once I had the band, it was time to build my team. Building a great team of professionals is how we have grown so quickly. I wanted to create a company that would allow my clients to get an event designed for them. My first step was to hire our full time arranger, Anthony Bruno. He is able to create arrangements of songs that aren’t currently in our repertoire. While other bands were charging clients for each arrangement, we provide it for free. Many of our favorite songs have come from client requests. Want to get unlimited song requests and Chicago’s most versatile band for your wedding?

What Makes David Rothstein Music So Different Than Average Music Companies?

Our music company is based on helping people get their own authentic wedding, not following the latest trends. We provide all our couples and clients like you with consistently packed dance floors, custom- tailored schedules, a state of the art sound system, and so much more. Our events range from 400 guests at the Drake Hotel to a dinner party with 30 of their closest friends. Our goal is to make your wedding or event 100% successful based on your specific needs. We also provide our clients like you with special resources that you can tap into to make your schedule and music fit in with exactly what you envision. The bottom line is that we listen to you more than the average wedding band. We’d love to give you a wedding that’s designed around what’s important to you!

What Personal Touches Do You Create?

With all the cutting edge technology we use in our website and throughout our company, I always wanted to keep the focus on taking care of people and treating them as friends, not account numbers. This personal care and attention to detail was, and will always be, our inspiration to offer our clients our very best efforts every time. We invite you to visit our “We’re All About You” page to see lots of examples of how much we care about each couple we play for. We’d love to create something special for you and your wedding!

Why Does David Rothstein Music
Use Separate Ceremony Musicians?

The other bands I played with were using the same musicians for both the Ceremony and Reception. I felt this was only a benefit for the music company, not the client. I wanted you to have talented classical musicians to perform for your ceremony and Jazz/Rock musicians to perform for the Reception. This way, you would get the best of both types of music. Learn more about our ceremony department on our Ceremony Music Page.

Adding Violinist Alex Koffman as my ceremony music consultant was a huge benefit to both the musicians and the brides. He works directly with you to select the perfect music for every section of your wedding.

Tell Me About Your Sound Department

The next step was to build a great sound system. I hired Jason VanHoose to select all our equipment and hire the sound crew to assist in setting it up and tearing it down. Jason keeps track of the sound and layout of each venue where we perform. As a result, we bring the perfect size sound system for your room. Since he also owns a recording studio, the quality of the sound is his highest priority, not just the volume. Most bands equate high volume with high quality. I hate attending weddings where the guests cannot talk to each other. Jason monitors the volume throughout the event to make sure it’s comfortable for everyone!

I’m Interested In Learning More. What Is The Next Step?

You can simply schedule a Calendly appointment by clicking the “Contact Us” button.

We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service. You’ll be getting a complete music company to help you every step of the way: from the day you fill out the form on our website to the very last note of your wedding.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little bit about our music company. I look forward to meeting you in person sometime soon!

Best Wishes,

David Rothstein