We Celebrate You! We spend time getting to know you and what makes you special.  There is our Gifts gallery. It shows examples of how much we care about our couples. We ask questions like  how did you meet? What do you like to do together and other questions. Then we create a one of kind gift based on who you are and what you love. We invite all your guests to sign it. At the end of the night, we give it to you as special gift from our music company to you signed by all your guests, 100% Free!  

Do you want a wedding band that cares about you ?

Every couple has their own story to tell. Our Gifts Gallery shows examples of the various gifts we’ve created over the years for our brides and grooms. We ask our couples to fill  out a short Tell Us More About You form. Based on that info, we spend time thinking about what gift can we create or buy  that would be a perfect example of what this couple is all about and what they love as a couples. What makes each of these gifts listed on the gift gallery page is that we have all their guests sign it. Once the wedding is over, we give the gift to the bride and groom. Since the gift is signed by everyone important in their life it will become much more valuable over time. Ask us about the gifts listed on our gift gallery page we’ll share with you the story behind each gift. We’d love to create one just for you!

Chicago Wedding Gifts Gallery Photos


Victoria Sprung: Sprung Photo

Colin Lyons: Lyons Photography

Christy Tyler: Christy Tyler Photography

Taylor Cairns: Tcairns Photo

Andrew Collins: Andrew Collins Photography