John and I really enjoyed using the Reception Music Guide. It was really helpful for selecting some specific wedding reception songs for our dancing portion. I was even able to find a great song for the Mother Son dance. Being able to listen to the original recording and follow along with the lyrics helped remind us what the song sounds like. I recognized most of the titles but after listening to them, I was able to remember exactly what they sounded like. Thanks for offering this! Choosing our songs was much more fun than I thought it would be!

– Marlee Griek

Need help selecting your reception music?

Here’s the perfect solution: The David Rothstein Reception Music Guide.

Here’s how our Reception Guide will help you:

  1. View a much more extensive list of wedding reception songs
  2. Listen to the original recording from which we created the arrangement
  3. See the lyrics to the songs
  4. Decide what songs you’d like to have included on the band’s playlist
  5. Select the perfect song for your first dance
  6. Choose great songs for your Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances


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