How to Include Music for Your Micro-Wedding

Piano player in church

  Because of COVID-19, weddings have now changed from 250 guests to 10-50 guests. Along with your gut count, many other aspects have been affected, including music. As you know from attending many of your friends’ weddings in years past, music is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Just because you’re doing […]

What Will Your Guests Talk About Most On Sunday Morning?

Vocalist on Dance Floor

Is it your delicious coconut shrimp appetizers? The quality of the envelopes on your invitations? Or, how much fun they had at your wedding? If they talk about anything other than how much fun they had, your wedding wasn’t that great after all. While there are many Chicago wedding bands to choose from, it is […]

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Band To Perform At Your Reception

Bride And Groom Celebrating With Guests At Reception

Did you know music is one of the most important parts of your wedding? Read on to learn how to pick the perfect wedding band for your reception. It’s pretty widely agreed that live music beats having a DJ on your wedding day every time. Among many regrets couples have about their wedding is that […]