In the modern age we all live in, technology has taken over a great deal of our lives. We are constantly accessing our cell phones, iPads and computers at what seems like a 24-7/365 rate. Whenever we have a question, we go right to Google to find the answer.

At David Rothstein Music, we certainly use technology as a large part of our marketing, and the way we keep our current clients happy and organized. Technology for your wedding is not necessarily the best choice. I believe weddings are the ultimate human experience and should include the efforts of real people, instead of machines. No place in your wedding is the difference more vivid than when it comes to choosing a Chicago wedding band or DJ/iPod.

Music was created by the ideas and talents of people. They use electronics to enhance their singing or to create certain effects, but the music still comes the heart and passion of a musician. When a song is performed by a great Chicago wedding band, it has the ability to capture the same emotion that went into the song when it was originally written. It doesn’t matter if a DJ has the world’s greatest speakers or high-tech lighting system, it still comes down to what people feel when they’re listening to the music.

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When a great vocalist is singing a song live, backed up by ten live musicians, it is a powerful connection that they bring to the audience. It can’t be replicated on nearly the same level from a DJ or someone’s iPod. Hiring a great Chicago wedding band will bring the level of sophistication and humanness of your wedding up dramatically.

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Our music company, David Rothstein Music, uses wireless mics for the vocalists and the horn section. For specific songs, the vocalists and horns will go out into the crowd and actually interact with the guests. This is something that you just can’t get from a DJ or an iPod. You can compare it to having dinner or grabbing a Starbucks with your BFF as opposed to just texting them.

How do you feel when you receive a hand written letter from someone in the mail? Do you get excited and value it so much more now? How about a pre-set form letter made out to Your Name or Current Occupant?

A great Chicago wedding band will have the ability to feed off the energy of you and your guests. They will also be able to adapt very quickly to what’s happening on the dance floor. Even within a specific song, the musicians will be able to improvise, extend the length of a song or shorten a song. For example, if the dance floor is packed with you and your guests absolutely loving a particular song, we would have the ability to extend it by going into a guitar solo or sending one of the vocalists out into the middle of the crowd. Imagine hearing your favorite song with the vocalist standing right next to you, singing it, backed up by a full ten piece band! Compare that to listening to the song played by a DJ, who is standing behind a table. Which do you prefer? Of course, no professional Chicago wedding band can compare to a DJ or playing your iPod cost-wise, but there is also no comparison between the results you’re going to get using a great live band versus pre-recorded music.

Remember that humanness is a big part of any great wedding. The music for your wedding should be created by humans, not machines!

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