Tips to Help You Plan Your Perfect Marriage Proposal!


Finding a unique way to propose to your significant other may seem easier said than done. It takes planning and time to figure out the perfect way to pop the question and make it a special moment you both will reflect on throughout your life together. We have compiled a few tips to help make your proposal one to remember, and maybe take some stress out of what an exciting milestone for you and your soulmate should be.

Planned or Secret
As the proposer, you need to decide if you are going to keep it secret from your partner or if you are going to have them help in the planning of the proposal. Some couples prefer the latter and keep an element of surprise when it comes to the timing of the proposal. If you have had an open discussion with your partner about taking this exciting step, it may be better to plan together, and even consider buying your rings together. Some brides prefer a say in the ring that will adorn their finger, so consider their opinion on both the engagement ring and proposal to make it something you can both add your personal touch to.

For some, surprising their partner is what makes the moment even more special. Planning may seem like a daunting task, but consider you significant others likes, interests, and maybe even their personality! If your fiancé-to-be is more on the shy side, you might want to go with an intimate and quiet proposal for just the two of you to share. Or, if they are more extroverted and love to be the star of the show, make the proposal one to remember with a big, extravagant proposal that represents your love in every way possible. Making your partner feel comfortable and like the proposal was made for them will make the moment all the more special, so consider these factors when in the planning process. If your surprise proposal doesn’t go as planned and your fiancé finds out ahead of time, don’t panic and check out these tips to help if this happens to you!

Which One? Traditional vs. Trendy
Traditional proposals may make it sound bland and unexciting, but in reality, it can make your proposal more intimate, family centric, and personal to you and your partner. If your partner prefers to not be the center of attention, a small and quiet proposal is the perfect way to pop the big question. Doing it front of family can also bring an even more sentimental touch, with all your loved ones gathered to share in the excitement along with you. They can also help you to plan something special, and with the holidays coming up, it could be a great opportunity to ask at the family holiday get together!

Are you and your partner planning a trip together? This might be the perfect and trendy opportunity to propose! If you plan on traveling abroad or even nationally, do some research into tourist hot spots and destinations that might make for the perfect backdrop. This makes it easy to plan for the opportune moment prior to travel, so you don’t need to stress while on your getaway. If you are worried about keeping the ring hidden during travel, once you book your stay, look up online jewelers that allow shipping both nationally and internationally and have it shipped right to your hotel. Sites like Blue Nile are a great option if you find yourself in this situation and make it easy to search through their collection of intricate engagement rings to help you find the right one.

The Final Steps
If you have decided on the type of proposal you want to go for, but are still at a loss as to how to go about it to narrow down the details, here are a few steps to help. If you are going for a surprise proposal, finding inspiration can be tough to do without giving away any hints. Look for ideas on her Pinterest or other social media channels. This is an easy way to find things she might like for the proposal, especially if she has had an idea board that she has been saving to for years! Another easy way to get some ideas is to ask her friends and family. If you aren’t afraid of them giving away any hints, ask them their opinion, and ways to make it tailored and special to your significant other. Wedding sites like The Knot are also helpful resources to get some tips on what can make a great proposal.

Once you have all the inspiration you need, organize and start planning. Use helpful organizing apps like Evernote or create your own Pinterest to organize your thoughts. Create a vision board, and maybe start planning a budget if needed. If you plan on popping the question at a venue, be sure to contact them ahead of time to ensure they are prepared and allow for pre-preparation.

When everything’s in order, get the engagement ring ready and propose to the love of your life! We hope these tips help you to make this exciting milestone one you will both remember for the rest of your lives together.