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Chicago Wedding Band
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Watch live Dancing Videos of our 10-Piece band play at live weddings. These aren’t studio performances. It’s important to show the reaction of the guests. Listen to the talent of the band as well as check out the jam packed their dance floors.

Do you want your dance floor like this?

“Our Dance Floor Was Packed All Night!
This Band is Amazing!!” -Ed & Katie G.

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“Those three-minute connections are some of the most memorable moments from a wedding,”

Think back to some of the best times you’ve had at weddings, and I’ll bet many of them were “hold my drink” situations during the reception. You know, the ones—you hear that song start and, suddenly, makeup and blowout be damned, the dance floor becomes your stage.

You really have to think about your guests. At a wedding, you have a very broad list—from your grandparents to guests as young as two. You have to think about a music band that is not only appropriate for that varied audience but also what they’re going to like and get into. That’s very difficult to achieve.

We Provide!!!

Curating the perfect wedding reception playlist is something of an art form. It takes taste, grace, and forward planning. You want to make sure that every second of this celebration is accounted for.

Let’s be frank. You want your wedding to be a party. Your partner wants your wedding to be a party. And your guests certainly want your wedding to be a party. And we also know that!