LIVE Videos
From Recent Weddings


These are live videos from real weddings. They weren’t filmed in a studio. When you see a band that uses audio recordings as their demo keep in mind you’re not buying a CD. In a studio, they can edit a song endlessly. You’re buying a live performance to get your guests to dance. We show packed dance floor as well as how the actual musicians, you and your guests interact with each other. While most wedding bands perform the same songs for every wedding, we love to learn all your special requests. We start from scratch. Tell us your favorite styles, artists and specific songs to play or not play. Based on your preferences, we’ll create a set list. Most bands just run through the set list regardless of the wedding. We take it a step further and adjust the set list based on how the guests are reacting. We play all your favorite songs at the perfect time to keep your dance floor packed!
If you want your dance floor to be packed like this, contact our Chicago Wedding Band and we’ll email over the pricing packet. We have a huge song list and are able to play any song in any style you want. When you watch the videos you’ll see guests from a wide variety of age groups. Everybody from your friends, parents and their friends and even grandparents will be on the dance floor all night. Our band is experts at playing all your special requests at the perfect time. With over 20 years of playing for hundreds of weddings, we know how to make adjustments to throughout the night to keep everyone dancing while playing all the songs, styles and artists you love. We have a full time arranger on staff to make sure we have all your requests ready to go for you! Trust the Chicago wedding band that packs dance floors like this for your big day!