Our High Energy DJs
Will Keep Your
Dance Floor Packed!



These are live videos of our DJ ensembles. You can choose from a solo DJ. DJ Duo with Sax or the DJ Trio with Sax and Drums. The DJ is included with any size band. When the band takes a break after playing for an hour, the DJ starts playing right away to keep everyone on the dance floor. You can also use any of the DJ ensembles for your afterparty. You can request as many songs as you like and even give us your own Spotify list. A sound system is included with any DJ ensemble. 

Our high energy DJ will play for the introductions of the bridal party, during the band breaks as well as for after party. You can add live musicians to the DJ. The DJ duo includes a Sax or Violin. The DJ Trio adds a Drummer. The DJ can play any style, artist or individual songs you want. You can use the DJ as your main form of entertainment.

Any of our classical ensembles can be used for your ceremony.


Our Jazz Trio (Piano, Bass and Sax) works great for your cocktail hour and dinner.


Then use the DJ for dancing.

Our wedding DJ sets the tone for your reception by playing the right songs at the right times and reading the crowd accordingly. The DJ can also play any ethnic you’d like. A sound system is included with any DJ ensemble. As soon as the band takes a break the DJ will start. All your guests will keep all your guests on the dance floor!  

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