We love to include all your traditions for your wedding. We’re experienced performing music for wedding of all nationalities and ethnicities. We want your families to feel represented on your big day. Whether you’re Irish, Italian, Jewish, Persian, Polish, Greek or any combination we’ll give you the perfect music to help you celebrate who you are!

The Chicago Wedding Ethnic Music Experts

Tell us your families ethnicities and traditions. We will do all the research to find all the most authentic songs. When it comes to Chicago wedding music, from Italian, Polish, Irish, Jewish, Greek, Persian and more we’ve got you covered. If you have a more than one ethnicity to celebrate we can include music for both traditions. These songs can be performed for your ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing. Even just a few extra songs in the your tradition will make your guests feel welcome and appreciated especially your older guests. Everyone will love it!

We’re experts in all ethnic music especially Jewish. We have a huge repertoire for your ceremony and dancing. We’ll work with you to pick out all the music. 

We can add as much or as little as you’d like! 

We Celebrate You!