Our Chicago Wedding Band Has
The Most Talented Musicians

These are live videos that feature close ups of the MUSICIANS in our 10-Piece band playing at recent weddings. These aren’t highly edited studio videos or audio tracks. It’s important to see the actual musicians who will be playing for your wedding. After all, you’re not buying a DVD or CD, you’re hiring the talented musicians who will be performing live at your wedding.  Listen to the talent of our musicians. We don’t need to hire a video company, we just show you them playing live using an iPhone. These are are real musicians at real weddings!  These are truly Chicago’s most talented musicians!

We have a complete live music company with the perfect musicians for your ceremony, cocktails dinner and dancing. They are not only super talented, but also incredibly versatile. They can play nearly any song or style that you’d love to hear. We’ll help you pick out the perfect songs for each portion of your wedding. These are hardest working and most professional musicians in Chicago. They love sharing their talents with you and your guests!

Our music company is made up of incredible musicians. They are not only talented they are also very versatile. Every member of our company is able to play in a wide variety of styles.They bring high energy to each and every song they play. Even though they may have played certain songs hundreds of times they will always play it with same enthusiasm as if it was a concert, that’s the the mark of a true professional musician.

Whether you want us to play Motown, Top 40, Sinatra or Earth, Wind and Fire we’ve got you covered. If you have special requests we don’t know we’re more than happy to learn it for you. While other bands use studio recordings which allows numerous versions and editing our videos are from actual live weddings and events All that matters is what the band is able to do live at your wedding. 

Our band is made of the most professional and talented musicians!

Do you want Chicago's Most Talented Band for your Wedding?