We created this top rated podcast to give brides and grooms real insights from top wedding professionals in the nation, from a wide variety of wedding vendors: Photographers, Caterers, Wedding Planners, Florists, Venues and many more. These interviews will give you lots of great insights about how to get the best results for your wedding. This radio show has been heard by over 60,000 brides and grooms on Blog Talk Radio.

You Never Know…

VENDOR TIP: If you have a nice encounter with someone while out running errands, socializing, riding the bus etc… Give them your business card. I

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The Blog that ate Detroit!

VENDOR TIP: What’s a Blog? A blog is page on your or a separate website. A professional blog contains articles that provide clients with helpful

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Say Thanks! One little way to bring good Karma to all your relationships is just to say thanks. Sometimes it means sending flowers, sometime a

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Remember to SMILE!!

SMILE! When you meet with clients, don’t forget to smile, make eye contact and use their name as much as you feel comfortable. Also be

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Have you got a Card?

CARDS. How many times have met someone you wanted to stay in touch with but realized you just ran out of business cards? You could

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You Look Marvelous!

How we dress says a lot about the pride we take in ourselves and our work. Make sure your suit/tux fits, shirts tucked in and

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