We created this top rated podcast to give brides and grooms real insights from top wedding professionals in the nation, from a wide variety of wedding vendors: Photographers, Caterers, Wedding Planners, Florists, Venues and many more. These interviews will give you lots of great insights about how to get the best results for your wedding. This radio show has been heard by over 60,000 brides and grooms on Blog Talk Radio.

Ready, Set, Go!!

VENDOR TIP: Keep everything related to your business up to date. The Equipment, Cases, Business Cards, Website, Computers, Car, Cell phone, Videos, Photos, Suit/Tux all

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Social Networking

VENDOR TIP: It is no longer OK to have a company without a website, Facebook/Twitter page etc… We are so fortunate to live in a

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Be a Friendly Expert!

DAILY VENDOR TIP: Learn as much as you can about your clients as people before you say one thing about your company. Use their names

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Do your Homework!

DAILY VENDOR TIP: I dedicate at least an hour a day to studying. One easy way to do this is to buy books on CD.

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Can I get your Signature?

DAILY VENDOR TIP: Your email signature can be a great marketing tool. How many emails do you send out everyday? I’m guessing 50-100. Each time

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