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The purpose of cocktails is to change the mood from the formalness of your wedding ceremony to a much more relaxed social atmosphere.

The Jazz Trio (Piano, Bass and Sax) will provide relaxing, luxurious jazz for background music. You and your guests will be able to talk comfortably. The trio takes up a small amount of space and becomes part of the full wedding band for dinner and/or dancing.

“There was a jazz trio playing during the cocktail hour which was a very nice touch!”

– Andrea and Tommy Indianapolis, IN


Dinner starts as soon as guests enter the room. It lasts 1 1/2 – 2 Hours and includes:

  • Introduction of the Bridal Party, Bride and Groom
  • Toasts
  • Blessing over the Meal
  • Cake Cutting
  • First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dances, Guests Dancing (Dancing Between Courses Only)

The purpose of dinner is to perform the standard wedding traditions as well as the serving of the meal itself. This is the main body of your wedding. Dinner starts as soon as the doors to the ballroom are opened and your guests enter, not when they serve the food.

The biggest factors that will help or hurt your dinner schedule is:

  1. Getting all the guests inside the room and the bridal party lined up.
  2. The number and length of the toasts.
  3. The speed of the food service.

Recommended Ensembles:

  • Jazz Trio (Piano, Bass and Sax)
  • 8 or 11 Piece Orchestra (Dancing between Courses only)

“I am still getting compliments left and right over how phenomenal the band was – they literally had everyone from my grandparents to the flower girl/ring bearer dancing the night away. David was so easy to work with.”– Kelsey and Jeff, Medina Country Club


Dancing may or may not include your formal dances depending on if you choose Dancing Between Courses. Our band will play a wide variety of styles to keep all your guests dancing.

  • First Dance
  • Father/Daughter Dance
  • Mother/Son Dance
  • Guests Dance after Formal Dances
  • Guests Dance Between Salads and Main Course

Dancing lasts between 3 to 4 hours, but can extend as late as the venue will allow.

It’s always better to book extra time with the original contract as overtime is a higher rate. The typical break schedule is playing for 1 hour and breaking for 15 minutes. The band will provide break music with our high energy DJ.

Now that all the formalities of your wedding reception music are completed it is simply time to celebrate and dance with all your guests. The more you dance, the more your guests will too!

Quick Tip: To get all your guests dancing put your bar and/or sweet table inside the ballroom instead of in another area.

CLICK HERE to watch videos of our 11-Piece Orchestra Packing the Dance Floor at recent weddings, just as we’ll do at yours!

Recommended Ensembles:

  • 7-Piece Band w/ DJ (piano, bass, sax, 1 male and 1 female vocalists, guitar, drums, DJ)

  • 10-Piece Band w/ DJ (Adds trumpet, trombone, 2nd female vocalist)

  • Sinatra Vocalist Can be added to either ensemble

“The music was great and the guests were dancing all night long. These guys know how to rock a party!”

– Alexandra and Brian, South Shore Cultural Center

The Ceremony

You will work directly with our wedding ceremony music director/violinist, Alex Koffman. He will help you select the perfect repertoire for each aspect of your wedding ceremony. He is a world class violinist who is an absolute expert in helping to organize and perform Jewish, Catholic and Interfaith weddings of all sizes and styles. As a client, you’ll also have access to our helpful and innovative CEREMONY PLANNING GUIDE. Planning all the music for your ceremony is super easy. We’ll help you every step of the way.

Out of State Weddings

We perform weddings and events throughout the nation.

David Rothstein Music enjoys a national reputation as one of the finest music companies in the country. As a result, we have expanded and are now playing outside of Chicago. We make using David Rothstein Music for your out-of-state wedding easy, organized and definitely worth the cost.

We can quickly and easily give you a price quote, which includes all of our travel expenses. Getting one of the best bands in the country for your out-of-state wedding is easier than you think!

You Would Be Responsible For The Following Travel Expenses:

  • Round trip airfare or driving costs
  • Hotel for all musicians and sound personnel
  • Any sound equipment rentals needed


We work with you to make sure our Wedding Music Band will make your big day authentically yours!

Your Style

Formal or Casual, 50 to 500 Guests, all announcements or no announcements, background jazz or a full dance orchestra – it’s your choice. DRM has performed hundreds of events, and we want to be sure our Wedding Music Band is exactly what you wanted.

Your Family

DRM has performed for clients from a variety of ethnicities: Italian, Irish, Polish, Jewish, Russian, Latin, Korean, as well as combinations of cultures. We are familiar with various cultural traditions.

Your Music

DRM has a variety of music for your Ceremony, Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing. We’ll help you select the perfect songs for your event. We have a full-time arranger to accommodate your special requests.

Your Sound

Our sound and lighting department is led by our expert sound engineer Jason VanHoose. Jason and our staff will bring the ideal equipment for your particular venue.


David Rothstein Music understands the importance of staying organized and helps you with great and simple wedding music planning.


The Best Weddings have the Highest Attention to Detail. The More Organized it is, the More Fun You’ll Have!

We will help you with all the details of your wedding reception timeline to make everything run smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your big day!

How We Help You Get And Stay Organized:

  1. We will email you a template of your specific schedule.
  2. You fill out the schedule with all the details.
  3. Email back the completed schedule 3 weeks prior to your wedding.
  4. We set up a meeting to confirm all the details.
  5. We’ll go through the schedule with all your vendors.
  6. Your vendors will be in the right place at the right time.

David is Your Exclusive EMCEE

Since David acts exclusively as the MC, he will work directly with your vendors so you can relax and spend time with each other and your guests. As a result, they will be at the right place at the right time. If you have a wedding planner, we’ll work directly with them to make sure everything is perfect. With David Rothstein Music you will get a fully incorporated company behind you. We have Ceremony, Sound, Financial departments and a staff music arranger. You will have access to David and his full time assistants whenever you need anything.

While we’re not wedding planners, we can suggest several top professionals. Just ask!