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David will create a meaningful gift for you which all your guests will sign

  • Frank and Antonia met while playing Scrabble on Facebook so David got them an original Scrabble board. To make it extra special and unique to them, we Crazy-Glued the tiles with their and their daughter's name, Ava to the board along with their favorite word, YES! This what she wrote on her Facebook page right they got engaged. All their guests signed the board and we gave it to them as a special gift at the end of the night. Triple Word Score for Antonia, Frank, Ava and all their guests!

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  • Ryne and Melissa really love the Cubs. After searching the various souvenir stores by Wrigley Field, David found a toaster that burns the Cubs logo on the toast. Both Ryne and Melissa's families are all Cubs fans so it was extra special for them too. Ryne was even named after Ryne Sandberg, a famous Cubs player. After their guests signed it David gave it to them, of course, during the toasts! Go Cubs Go!

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  • The groom Brian is a carpenter. The bride Nora owns a shoe store in Naperville. So to combine their jobs David bought them wooden shoes from Holland Michigan with their name and wedding date engraved on the side. We passed the shoes around to their guests who enthusiastically signed them. At the end of the night David gave them the one of a kind shoes signed by all their family and friends!

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  • Sean and Olesya Gilmore both are HUGE fans of Game of Thrones. For their special gift we had an embroidered house banner made for them just like the one on the show but with their name, Gilmore as well as their wedding date of 4.25.15. Their wedding was held the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Since the material is made of microfiber, David went to an art supply store to buy special paint markers that could be used on that material. All their guests signed the banner. At the end of the wedding we gave it to the bride and groom as a special one of a kind gift for their newly established marriage and home!

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  • Maura and Michael are HUGE Marquette University Basketball fans. David found the official team photo from the 2003 Final Four season. Our graphic designer took a few photos David got from the team and created this 24" x 36" poster which all their guests will sign. In the photo, Maura has the basketball and Michael is standing behind her. Dwayne Wade is seated next to her. This was a slam dunk!

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  • Jarrod and Kim are HUGE fans of the Muppets. They grew up watching the TV show and later saw all the Muppet Movies. After reviewing many Muppets movie posters and the photos of themselves they emailed us, we chose this one. We wanted to make sure we could include Jarrod and Kim with the Muppets. My graphic designer and I created this special poster just for them. To make it easier to sign we had the poster foam core mounted. Since all their 200 guests signed the poster it is truly a one of a kind gift.

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  • When it comes to the Blackhawks and their favorite player Patrick Sharp, Mary and Jordan are very enthusiastic! David bought this special couple their very own Sharp jersey and presented it to them at the reception. All their guests signed the jersey using Sharpie markers of course!

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“David Rothstein Music is one of the best Chicago wedding bands!” – CBS Chicago

The only Chicago Wedding band
with a designated MC

What does that mean for you? David’s only job is to work directly with you and your vendors. Instead of the bandleader worrying about playing the drums or sax, David is free to work directly with you and your vendors to make sure your schedule is working smoothly and answer any questions. The band can keep playing while you and all your guests are dancing. Your wedding planner will love it too. He’ll be able to solve any problems that come up without disturbing the band’s performance. With other bands, you’ll need to walk up to the bandstand and try to speak to the bandleader while they’re playing. David will be available to speak with you and your vendors anywhere in the room at any time. It’s a huge advantage for your wedding. Fill out the Inquiry Form for an designated MC to take care of everything!

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