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David’s only job is to work directly with you and your vendors. Instead of the bandleader worrying about singing or playing the drums or sax, David is free to work directly with you and your vendors to make sure your schedule is working smoothly and answer any questions. The band can keep playing while you and all your guests are dancing. Your wedding planner will love it too. He’ll be able to solve any problems that come up without disturbing the band’s performance. With other bands, you’ll need to walk up to the bandstand and try to speak to the bandleader while they’re playing. David will be available to speak with you and your vendors anywhere in the room at any time. It’s a HUGE advantage for the success of your wedding. Please Fill out the Inquiry Form and get a designated MC to take care of everything for you!

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Awarded the Most Charitable
Wedding Vendor in The Nation

The National Weddi Award recognizes and honors the most inspirational, motivational and giving professionals in the United States. It is a tribute to those professionals who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service. A Shining Star Recipient has shown an ongoing and substantial commitment to their community, philanthropy and have consistently demonstrated honesty, integrity and the highest ethical standards in their profession.

David Rothstein Music delivers the flowers after the wedding they perform to nursing homes, homeless shelters and the Rehabilitation Center of Chicago with our Share Your Love flower donation program. We’re honored to be selected for this prestigious award!Thanks to all the brides and grooms who have donated their flowers.

Watering Can

Susan and Michael love gardening. So their gift was a watering can which all their guests signed at the wedding. Hopefully it will help them to grow a beautiful garden of love and support for their new marriage!

Annie Hall Poster

Alana and Steven are big fans of Woody Allen. So we found an original poster from his Oscar Winning movie, "Annie Hall" and replaced the faces of Woody and Diane Keaton with theirs. Then we listed them as Best Bride and Groom and added title Best Original Wedding. We replaced the cast names with the names of the bridal party. Since the groom had an 8 year old daughter, Lily, we added her as Best Supporting Daughter. We listed all the vendors at the bottom. Alana and Steven and all their guests loved it. This was one of my favorite gifts we've ever done!

Wooden Shoes

When we choose a gift for a couple, we refer to a variety of information. In this case, we used their diverse jobs. The groom Brian is a carpenter. The bride Nora owns a shoe store in Naperville. So to combine their jobs, we bought them wooden shoes from Holland Michigan and had their name and wedding date engraved on the side.

All their guests signed the shoes which we gave to them as a special gift and symbol of their new life together.These boots WEREN'T made for walkin'!

Cubs Toaster

In May of 2012, Brian and Carlee got married. This couple really loves the Cubs. As a lifelong Cubs fan myself, I wanted to find something special for my fellow die-hard cubs fans.

After searching the various souvenir stores by Wrigley Field, I found this amazing toaster that actually burns the Cubs logo right on the toast. After their guests signed the toaster and I gave it to them, of course, during the toasts! This gift shows that we have a very rye sense of humor!


Johnny and Nicole both are HUGE fans of Seinfeld. So for their gift we created a poster from Seinfeld and replace "Seinfeld" with his last name "Sisk" which we turned into "Siskfeld". We then changed the photos of Jerry and Elaine of their photos then added the venue name and wedding date.

Blackhawsk Bar Stool

Deanna and Patrick love the Blackhawks and enjoy having their friends over to watch the games. For their special gift, we got them this Blackhawks bar stool which all their guests signed!

Bears Helmet

We played the wedding for Chicago News legend Art Norman and his new wife Terri. They were both big Chicago Bears fans. This is an official NFL helmet which their guests sign. Everyone in the Chicago news media was there, even reporters from CNN like Robin Meade. A super fun night! Go Bears Go!

Superhero Caricature

Chris and Kara are huge fans of superheroes. He loves and Batman and she's a fan of Superman. Chris and his groomsmen even wore Batman cufflinks and socks. We're big superhero fans too so for their special gift, we hired a Chicago caricature artist named Chuck Senties to create this super rendition of the dynamic duo. All their guests signed the poster! Chris and Kara were SUPER excited!

Life Saver

August 14th's bride and groom, Kelsey and Erik love boating, so I went to a Marine Boating store in the city and bought them a Life Saver which all their guests signed! The Love Boat!