We're the smartest choice for your Chicago Wedding. Just listen to other couples like you!

We invite you to compare our music company with any other wedding band. When you compare our music company, you’ll be getting much more than just an amazing band. You will have all the resources of a complete company so you can have a wedding that is completely customized around who you are and want you want for your wedding! We understand the big picture of your entire wedding. We’ll take care of all the announcements and play all the music for your ceremony and reception. With our music company, you can relax and enjoy your wedding!                                              
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Vocalist performing | DRS Music | David Rothstein Music | Chicago wedding band | Chicago wedding bands | Chicago wedding Music | Best Chicago Wedding Band
DRS Music | David Rothstein Music | Chicago wedding band | Chicago wedding bands | Chicago wedding Music | Best Chicago Wedding Band

These are some of Our Advantages

Complete Music Company

We’re proud to be full-time incorporated music company!

David Rothstein is your main person contact, backed by the team of highly motivated finest quality professionals. Together we make sure to keep you as our client happy, making sure everything is running smoothly and super organized. Your team will consist of dedicated professionals including an assistant, experienced ceremony department director, accurate financial department, creative music director, expert sound department and enthusiastic interns. We are all always available to help!

Have only one or two people to help you with general questions who will try to get back to you when they can.

With DRM you are choosing to insure your investment more securely with the team of partners and key musicians and employees.  Their work and talent are invested in our company. They are dedicated group of professionals and personal friends working together!  Compare it to a one bandleader band that promises to do it all.

Huge Versatile Song List

Choose from a music library with over 1,000 songs. Our music arranger, Anthony Bruno, can create music for  your requests. You’ll get a great band that’s incredibly versatile and happy to learn new songs even if we’ll never play them again. If you love it, we love it.

Tend to want to focus on what’s hot that particular week on the radio. They play the same 20 songs every weekend regardless of your age, background, number of guests or your personal preferences. They play what they already know and would rather not learn more than a few new songs.

You and your guests will hear a wide variety of styles from classic Sinatra to the hottest Top 40 to keep all of your guests dancing. Then choose the next song to play based on your preferences and how your crowd is reacting at your wedding.

Seperate Designated Emcee

Even though David is an accomplished bass player, his only job for your wedding is to be your emcee. He can work directly with you and all your vendors while the band is playing, from anywhere in the room.

Their bandleader is busy playing guitar, piano, drums and/or singing and will not be available if you or your vendors have any questions or changes. The music will suffer if they need to answer questions and can’t leave the stage.

David is available to help you and your vendors throughout your entire wedding. This is crucial for the timing of the food service, toasts and introductions. You get to relax, while david takes care of everything for you.

Over 300 Five Star Reviews

Couples like you have posted over hundreds of five-star reviews. We show you the specific date as well as the name of who wrote it. Watch dozens of video testimonials from couples after the wedding ended.

Show random short reviews without any dates or specific names. If they have video testimonials, they are likely from 6 months after their wedding and filmed in their living room with plenty of editing.

It’s important to be able to see recent reviews instead of reviews that could have been written at any time. You want to know what clients are saying about the band recently, not a random wedding from six years ago. Video testimonials capture the emotion and enthusiasm at the actual event. Having consistent and recent reviews shows the quality of the work.

Separate Ceremony Musicians

You’ll get a complete and separate Ceremony Music Department composed of talented classically trained musicians. Get a smooth transition from the end of your ceremony to the start of your cocktail hour.

They use the same musicians for both the ceremony and cocktail hour. They aren’t trained for ceremony music. Their musicians will need to leave your ceremony early, carry their instruments through cocktail hour and set up for cocktails while your guests wait for them to start.

The Ceremony musicians will continue to play until the guests have all left your ceremony room. The jazz trio will already be set up in your cocktail area. They will start playing as soon as the guests arrive.

We Love Special Requests

You can give us your Special Requests – the more creative, the better. We are very versatile. Even if you request a song we know we’ll never play again, we’re happy to learn it for you.

They allow you to request a few songs, then will charge you if you request too many.

If you have special songs you would like to hear, our enthusiastic band is happy to learn and play them free of charge. If it’s meaningful to you, it’s meaningful to us. What are your favorite dance songs

Interaction With Guests

 Since our band includes wireless mics, our horns and vocalists are free to directly interact with you and your guests on your dance floor. The band feeds off the energy of your guests and vice versa. We adjust the set list based on what songs are packing your dance floor. 

Their soundman goes to the back of the room, walks back to the soundboard next to the band, and makes adjustments based on what they think/remember that needs adjusteding.

Allows our musicians to interact directly with you and your guests on the dance floor. The band feeds off the energy of you and your guests and vice-versa. It’s an amazing connection!

Nationally Recognized

David hosts the #1 wedding show on Blog Talk Radio. He has written hundreds of wedding articles in our blog and is a recognized authority on wedding music. David has been a guest speaker for numerous wedding organizations in Chicago and nationally.

Offer a few random blog articles about themselves and wedding bands, not about helping you have a better wedding.

Listen to David interview with many of the top wedding professionals in the nation on a wide variety of aspects of planning, photographers, venues and even ice sculptures. There’s lots of insightful information to help you to have an amazing wedding.

Personal Touches

We spend time learning about you. What do you love to do together? Where did you go to school? Tell us about your families. Tell us how you met. We’ll create a one-of-a-kind gift, with personal touches, which your guests will sign.

They define personal touches as playing a few special songs and adjusting the schedule. You might get a mass-produced pen with their logo and contact info. You’re a contract number, username and date on their calendar.

You’ll get a special gift created just for you based on what makes you unique. Since all your guests sign it at your wedding, it will be truly priceless. For example, Tim and Jessica said they met at O’Hare Baggage Claim, so we gave them a gold suitcase which all their guests signed. They and their guests were absolutely thrilled

Ceremony Music Help

Provide you with access to our DRM Ceremony Music Planning Guide and access to our Incredible violinist and ceremony music director, Alex Koffman. He will help you select all the music for your entire ceremony.

Suggest a dozen or so ceremony song titles for you to research on Google and random web sites for what they sound like. No ceremony music consultant is available for you. Any consultant provided is usually one of the musicians who play for your reception. 

We give you a step-by-step approach to choosing all your ceremony music. Listen to 60 MP3 recordings organized by sections of your ceremony. We’ll even help you write your program. We make selecting your ceremony music a pleasure!

The Best Value

Get everything you need and want for your wedding band and so much more. Brides and grooms tell us all the time we were the best investment they made for their weddings. Special discounts are available for Friday, Sunday, Jan-April and military Weddings.

Many bands offer discounts and make being the cheapest priced band one of their biggest features. If a band does an average or poor job for you, did you really “save” money? Can you tell your guests afterward how much cheaper the band was?

Your wedding will have a packed dance floor, an organized schedule, and meaningful touches. Truly an outstanding value for your wedding!

State of the Art Sound

You’ll get the perfect sound with our state-of-the-art sound system, which will be set up 3 hours before your guests will arrive. The sound will be adjusted based on what your guests are actually hearing. Lighting for the band is included. The sound will be perfect!

Use corded mics which keep the singers and band members on stage.

In addition to our main soundboard, your sound can be controlled remotely on an iPad from the back of the room, where your guests are dancing to make sure it’s perfect for everyone. It will be adjusted throughout the night. 

Book the music company that gives you everything!