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“David Rothstein Music is the best wedding band Chicago has to offer. There is no reason to look elsewhere.
Once you meet David, you’ll quickly learn that you are dealing with the best in the biz.”

-Maureen & Mark Cafe Brauer, Chicago, IL

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The Only Wedding Band With A Designated Emcee


You will work directly with David Rothstein throughout your planning process. At your wedding, David’s only focus is to EMCEE and work directly with you and your vendors.

David will be available to speak with you and your vendors anywhere in the room at any time. The band can continue playing uninterrupted while you and all your guests are dancing. He’ll be able to solve any problems that come up without disturbing the band’s performance. All your vendors will be in the right place at the right time. He is an expert and hosts one of the top Radio shows and Podcasts in the nation, Wedding 101. 

“David was a wonderful EMCEE. His energy is contagious and his passion for the job is so obvious that it makes the party that much more fun and organized.”

– Aggie Sparrow, Cafe Brauer, Chicago Il

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Each gift is created for our couples based on what they love.
All their guests sign it at the wedding.


Notre Dame Football

Chicago Wedding Bands Broderick and Katie as well as most of their guests went to Notre Dame. They are huge fans of the ND Football team. For their special gift I bought them an autograph Football. Signed by ND legendary coach Lou Holtz. All their guests sign the ball too! GO IRISH!!

Sully’s Board

Chicago Wedding Bands Nicole and Matt LOVE going to their favorite bar, Sully's. A table of their guests work there or go often. Friday afternoon I went to the bar to find their special gift. The bartender, Dan took me down into the basement to see what we could find. I spotted this old Bag Toss board from 15 years ago. He gave it to me for free. I loaded it to my backseat and had all the guests at the wedding sign it! One of the biggest and most fun gifts we've ever done!

Sushi Board

Chicago Wedding Bands Renee and Damian met at a sushi bar. He acted like he didn't know how to use chopsticks. She showed him how and they've been together ever since. For their special gift I bought them a sushi board and chopstick pens! ‪

Seinfeld Poster

Chicago Wedding Bands Johnny and Nicole are both HUGE fans of Seinfeld. So for their gift, we created a poster from Seinfeld and replaced "Seinfeld" with his last name "Sisk", which we turned into "Siskfeld". We then changed the photos of Jerry and Elaine to photos of Johnny and Nicole, then added the venue name and wedding date!

Super Hero Poster

Chicago Wedding Bands Chris and Kara are huge fans of superheroes. He loves and Batman, and she's a fan of Superman. Chris and his groomsmen all wore Batman cufflinks and socks. We're big superhero fans, too. For their special gifts we hired a Caricature artist to create this rendition of this dynamic duo. It's based on a photo we found of them online. All of their guests signed the poster! This couple is truly super!

Blackhawks Bowling Ball

Chicago Wedding Bands Jonathan and Romey met at a bowling party in high school. They are also CRAZY Blackhawks fans. David found this Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks bowling ball, which all their guests loved signing. This bowling ball was right up their alley!

Diving Fins

Chicago Wedding Bands Danielle and Steve had their wedding at The Shedd Aquarium, so for their wedding gift, David got them diving fins from a scuba store. The paint markers he got from a local art store made sure the autographs will stay on! Best Fishes!!

Woody Allen Poster

Chicago Wedding Bands Alana and Steven are big fans of Woody Allen. So we found an original poster from his Oscar Winning movie, "Annie Hall" and replaced the faces of Woody and Diane Keaton with theirs. Then, we listed them as 'Best Bride and Groom' and added the title 'Best Original Wedding'. Since the groom had an 8 year old daughter, Lily, we added her as 'Best Supporting Daughter'. We replaced the cast names with the names of the bridal party, and listed all the vendors at the bottom. Alana, Steven, and all their guests loved it. This was one of my favorite gifts we've ever done!

Water Pail

Chicago Wedding Bands Susan and Michael love gardening. So their gift was a watering can, which all their guests signed. Hopefully it will help them to grow a beautiful garden of love and support for their new marriage!

Dutch Wooden Shoes

Chicago Wedding Bands The groom Brian is a carpenter, and the bride Nora owns a shoe store in Naperville. So to combine their jobs, we bought them wooden shoes from Holland, Michigan, with their name and wedding date engraved on the side.

Cubs Toaster

Chicago Wedding Bands Brian and Carlee really love the Cubs. After searching the various souvenir stores by Wrigley Field, David found a toaster that burns the Cubs logo on the toast. After their guests signed it he gave it to them, of course, during the toasts!

Life Saver

Chicago Wedding Bands Kelsey and Erik love boating, so David went to a Marine Boating store in the city and bought them a lifesaver which all of their guests signed! The Love Boat!