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For your wedding, don’t just hire a band. Hire THE band. Everything we do is based on giving the music that you love. Forget the magazines, websites and wedding TV shows. Get the music company that celebrates you!

I spent many years playing bass in other top Chicago wedding bands. They were great musicians, but every wedding was pretty much the same. The same songs, same intros. There was nothing unique to that specific couple. Every wedding was just another date on their calendar. Weddings are about celebrating your love story!


So in 1999, I started our music company with one simple idea.


You should be able to have a schedule that’s as formal or casual as you want. You should have the best possible musicians to play all the music you love for your wedding.  You should be able to hear all the songs you love.


I love helping people. My team and I will do everything possible to make sure every step from the first call to the last note is clear, personalized and easy. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve become home to the highest quality professionals a team of partners and musicians whose work, dedication and talent are invested in our company and in your event. 

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“Professional, Personal, and Fun! My wife and I are grateful for having connected for David and his band. They were responsive and help us stay organized. They kept everyone dancing. I highly recommend them!”

-Bennett & Adrienne B.


We take care of all the music for your ceremony and reception with the same dedication as any doctor or lawyer. We have 24 years of experience. What does that mean for you? It means that you’ve got absolute experts working with all your vendors  so you can absolutely relax and enjoy your wedding!


 The only trends we follow are yours! Your wedding will be as formal or casual as you’d like it. We’ll work with you to create a schedule that fits perfectly with who you are and the vibe you want to have for your wedding. We’ll give you unlimited song requests and add personal touches to make sure your wedding expresses what’s important to you. We Celebrate You!


We promise you’ll have the most talented musicians in Chicago playing for your wedding.  You’ll get a jam-packed dance floor from the first note to the last.  Our high energy band will play all your favorite songs.  Check out our Gallery page to see photos of packed dance floors. Hiring our band will be the best investment you make for your wedding! We promise that you and your guests will rave about how much fun everybody had!

We're More Than Just a Great Band
We're a Complete Company

It’s like buying a car from an award-winning dealership,
instead of from a random stranger.

Meet our company. Click on each photo to learn more.

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David Rothstein

Founder, Emcee, Client Contact

David Rothstein acts as the designated MC for our top orchestra. He works directly with you to help organize your schedule and details of your wedding. David is always available to answer any questions you might have. As a bassist, he has toured internationally with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and performed in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

Alex Koffman playing violin | DRS Music | David Rothstein Music | Chicago wedding band | Chicago wedding bands | Chicago wedding Music | Best Chicago Wedding Band

Alex Koffman

Ceremony Music Director

Alex Koffman is our ceremony music director. He is considered one of the the most accomplished and versatile violinists in Chicago. He will guide you through selecting all the music for your entire ceremony. 

DRS Music | David Rothstein Music | Chicago wedding band | Chicago wedding bands | Chicago wedding Music | Best Chicago Wedding Band

Anthony Bruno

Music Director

Anthony Bruno is our saxophonist and music director. If you have any special requests, Anthony will create the music for our band to play. He's also a wonderful vocalist for any of your favorite Italian songs!

DJ Sara

Sara Griffin

Musician Co-Ordinator

Our DJ Sara helps to co-ordinate all our musicians so they have all the information to do their best work!

She has been our music company since 2009 and fully understands the important logistics of the venue and knows how to organize the details for the musicians.

Sound engineer | DRS Music | David Rothstein Music | Chicago wedding band | Chicago wedding bands | Chicago wedding Music | Best Chicago Wedding Band

Jason Van Hoose

Lead Sound Engineer

Jason has is charge of all sound and lighting for our music company. He and his team are top pros and have state-of-the-art sound system equipment. They will work with your venue to make sure they bring the perfect sound system with wireless mics and stage lighting for your   venue. Jason and his crew will adjust the sound throughout the night so it's perfect for everyone of every age group. 

Vocalist performing on dance floor

Steve Grissette


Steve Grissette is our lead male vocalist and also our song caller. He takes all of your special requests and creates a setlist based on the styles, artists and specific songs you want or don't want. At your wedding, he adjusts the next song to be played based on what your guests are reacting to the most. He's been with us since we started in 1999!

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