5 Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding

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Everybody wants their special day to be extra special. Planning ahead is key. Read here for 5 tips on planning the perfect wedding. The weeks and days before your wedding can bring an infinite amount of anxiety. Whether you have 50, 100 or 200 guests coming, making sure your guests are happy will definitely bring on the stress. Planning the perfect wedding day takes a lot of organization and will eat up all your time. All young brides need a way to cut that stress down. You will need to focus on a few simple ways to plan your wedding. Don’t go overboard. Keep reading to learn about our five simple tips for planning the perfect wedding. It just might make you breathe easier!

Think about your guests

Pleasing guests is on the mind of every bride. How can you accomplish it? Be sure to have multiple food options such as a gluten-free meal. Have some coloring books set up for the kids at your wedding to keep them entertained. This will give the adults more time to spend chatting and dancing. And be sure there are plenty of empty couches and seats for older guests.

Think about your food and drink

When you’re off taking pictures after the ceremony, be sure your guests have full access to the bar. Make sure your guests have some appetizers like fruits and veggies to munch on. Also, your venue will need at least one bartender for every 50 people. Choose the alcohol that your guests and you will love. Spring for your favorite beers or wine. When it comes to food, see if you can do a taste test. Make sure everyone gets appetizers, a salad or soup, and a hearty main meal. When choosing the cake, you need to do a taste test. Bakeries vary greatly and you will be eating the rest of that cake for weeks after your wedding. So be sure it tastes great!

Think about your decorations

When considering what decorations are best for your big day, be sure to add your personality to the mix. Are your favorite flowers in season? Then get them for the big day! Do you love spending time at the beach? Then add some seashells and starfish decorations to the tables at your wedding.

Think about your music

Along with food and drinks, the music is a major part of your wedding. When planning the perfect wedding, the music can make or break the day for your guests as well as you. If you find a great Chicago wedding band to play at your wedding, it will definitely get your guests up and dancing. A DJ can also be an option, but be sure they have the music you love. Plan for music that both the young and old can enjoy.

Enjoy yourself on the perfect wedding day!

Most of all, your new spouse and you will have the best day ever if you relax and enjoy every minute! Get out on the dance floor and dance the night away!Your guests will follow your lead and the dance floor will be packed. With all your loved ones around you, enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime day. Do you have any other great wedding planning tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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