Everything You Should Know About Jewish Weddings. OY!

Guest: Everything You Should Know About Jewish Weddings. OY!

Date of Broadcast: 11-21-12

Length of Show: 45 Minutes


Alison Friedman owns and operates The Wedding Yentas and is a wannabe Carrie Bradshaw of all things wedding! Alison began planning her wedding at the age of 5 with the help of her Barbie and Ken dolls. She always loved everything about weddings and dreamed of finding the man to sweep her off her feet who would complete the most important element of the wedding day: love!
The Wedding Yentas began because there was no other site like it on the Internet. So why is this site different from all other sites? You will always find fresh, daily posts covering everything from Real Jewish Weddings, explanations of traditions, DIY ideas, the latest wedding trends, and giveaways! A fun, conversational experience is what you should find here because, after all, it’s all about being in the company of Yentas. You can also find a growing Vendor Directory filled with elite wedding professionals who can help make your day absolutely perfect!