Awesome geeky wedding ideas

Superhero groomsmen

Your wedding is a classy affair celebrating the love between you and your partner. Some people think your wedding should be traditional: elegant flowers, a beautiful dress and exquisite food. You don’t need to have every traditional element at your wedding. Something that you love most about your partner may be the passion you share for the same movie, superhero or television show.

Integrating elements from these different areas not only makes your wedding more fun but memorable too. The guests will never forget a cake topper with Homer and Marge Simpson on it. The folks at David Rothstein Music have compiled this list of awesome ways to geek up your wedding:


Let your guests know about the big day with some special invitations

Adventure Time

invitation adventure time



invitations disney

Doctor Who

invitations doctor who


Harry Potter

invitation HP


invitations pacman

Have guests sign something at the reception

At David Rothstein Music, we had a couple who loved superheroes. We got a caricature drawn of them as Batman and Supergirl. All the guests at the ceremony signed it, and it was a wonderful memento from their big day.

batman and supergirl

Cake toppers

Forget about the boring old bride and groom cake toppers, have something fun at the top of your cake!

Mario and Peach

topper mario and peach

Homer and Marge Simpson

topper marge and homer

The Joker and Harley Quinn

topper joker and harley


topper walle

The Walking Dead

topper zombie



Having your rings engraved with a quote, or a design inspired by your favorite show/movie a subtle way to show your off your nerdiness.

The Gallifreyan ring from Doctor Who

ring doctor who


ring metroid


The Golden Snitch from Harry Potter

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.03.22 PM

Wonder Woman

ring wonder woman

Indy’s rope from Indiana Jones

ring indiana jones


Look into some unique designs for wedding cakes.

Star Wars
Collage star wars cake

Lord of the Rings

cake lord of the rings


The Hunger Games

cake hunger games

Star Trek

cake star trek

Back to the Future

cake back to the future

Bridal Party

You can even have your bridesmaid and groomsmen join in with you

You could have members of The Avengers or The Justice League be groomsmen

grooms 1

Or Disney Princesses be bridesmaids

disney princess

The Dress and Tux

If you want to go all out, try switching out your dress and tux for a more cosplay inspired look.

Pull a Liz Lemon, and dress as Princess Leia


Superman and Wonder: The Ultimate Power Couple

superman wonder woman Collage

For more wedding tips and info, check out today!


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