Wedding Planning For a Green Bride

Chicago Wedding Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony

Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love between two people committing to a lifetime of partnership, but often our partnership with mother Earth is forgotten about during the actual planning. By no means do you have to sacrifice style to plan your perfect wedding while also keeping the environment in mind. Here are a few […]

Small Details You’re Forgetting For Your  Destination Wedding

Beach Wedding Ceremony

A destination wedding gives you and your soon-to-be spouse the opportunity to celebrate your love in a beautiful space! However, it can be easy to miss a few details when planning the event with all the different moving parts. You’ve remembered to hire your wedding planner, picked the venue, and have all the big details […]

Everything You Need to Know About Beach Weddings

Beach wedding

In the summer, many people take to the beach searching for that perfect sunset wedding. While this kind of picturesque approach seems perfect, there can be a lot involved. If you do decide to get married in the sand, here are some important things to keep in mind: Especially if you’re planning a destination wedding, […]

What Can You Learn from Your Friend’s Wedding?

Outdoor wedding

  What Can You Learn from Your Friend’s Wedding? Especially in the summer months, your Instagram feed is probably dominated by wedding photos. You see your friends posing as bridesmaids, that girl you don’t remember meeting catching a bouquet at her sister’s wedding, your old flame from high school with their new stud husband, and […]

How to Match Your Wedding Theme to Your Wedding Music

Outdoor wedding setup

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Perhaps you are ready to get married and you have already set a date but cannot seem to agree on the wedding music. While you might love dancehall music, your spouse might be in love with country music, making it hard for you to choose the right Chicago wedding band. Now that you are getting […]

5 Key Things in Preparation for a Destination Wedding

Beach wedding

Beach Wedding Destination weddings are pretty popular today. Many couples like the idea of getting married somewhere near sea or ocean or even in an exotic country. A destination wedding seems to be a very exciting and romantic idea. However, it requires much time and energy to organize it. Let’s consider 5 basic things, which […]

Why is a Separate Emcee Such an Advantage?

David Rothstein

Every wedding includes a great deal of activities from introductions, to toasts, to all your formal dances. It is important to have all of those activities clearly announced by an experienced emcee. All bands have somebody who does this, what makes David Rothstein Music stand out among other Chicago Wedding Bands, is that even though […]

Planning a Wedding: Introvert Edition

By Tara Martin – Weddings can be very overwhelming and stressful to anyone, and preparing for these life-changing affairs can be twice as challenging for introverted brides and grooms. Unlike extroverts, who feel energized when entertaining and interacting with others, introverts can feel drained when being around people for long stretches of time. Introverts […]

Top 4 Ways to Country-Up Your Wedding

Rustic Wedding Decor

No longer exclusive to country couples anymore, rustic weddings have become more popular than ever as you can easily tailor this style to your unique taste, preferences, and overall aesthetic. And the spike in this wedding theme’s popularity is easy to understand. What’s more charming than warm lighting, woodsy accents, and nature-inspired decor? Check out […]

6 Tips for Hiring the Best Wedding Bands in Chicago

Wedding Bands in Chicago

Are you having your wedding in the Windy City? Then you need the best entertainment you can get for this important day! But before you start looking into Chicago wedding bands, you need to know how to choose the best one for your ceremony. Choosing a wedding band is not easy, especially when you’re trying […]