Don’t make this mistake for your Event


Everybody has to watch their bottom line when planning a corporate event especially when you have to justify all expenses to a committee, Boss or CFO. The mistake many Corporate event planners make is confusing cost with value.

Let’s say you need a Jazz Trio for 3 hours.

Music Company “A” charges $1,275 for 3 hours.

Music Company “B” charges $975 for 3 Hours.

Group “A” has far more experience, more professional website and more knowledge and helpful staff. You’re tempted by the professionalism of Group “A”. You’ve been negociating with them for months.

The CFO looks at the numbers and chooses Group B based on nothing but the final cost.

Since you want to keep your job you hire Group “B”. They show up late, start drinking and helping them selves to the food. They’re music is a little to loud. They’re dressed a little too sloppy and aren’t willing to make any announcements.

This makes you and your company look bad to your fellow employees and guests. Was it worth the $300 you saved? Obviously not. Always choose to work with the REAL professionals when planning music for your corporate events. You and your company’s reputation is on the line. It’s never worth taking the risk with you and your company’s reputation just to save a little money.

counting money