Don’t make this mistake for your Wedding!

dance pic

Let’s say you’ve got a very important meeting with your largest client. While you’re making your presentation, the CEO starts reading a magazine about his favorite sports team.  How would you feel?

Now consider your wedding…You’ve spent the last year planning every little detail. You can’t wait to start the dancing. The Chicago wedding band starts playing and you start dancing; everybody’s having a great time. Then it is announced that your sweets table is open and located in the area outside the ballroom. Your guests start drifting into the other room and you’re standing on the dance floor saying:


“Where’s everybody going?”

Here’s how to prevent this:

Keep the Focus of your Chicago wedding in one room.

Once you’ve opened the ballroom for dinner, keep all activities in the same room.


Top 5 activities in other rooms that get guests drifting off the dance floor.

  1. Photographer with pull down screen for portraits
  2. Sweet table
  3. Outdoor patio
  4. Bar
  5. Smoking area

The #1 rule in communications is to get and keep the attention of your audience.

The #1 rule for weddings is to get and keep the attention of your guests.

Follow this simple rule and you and your guests will have an amazing night!

kevin hart