How a micro wedding can save you stress and money

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There are those of us who dream of a big wedding, complete with all the bells and whistles that money can buy – and there’s the romantic, reserved types among us, who feel called to skip town and elope with their significant other. Somewhere in the middle are those trying desperately to marry these two extremes. For such couples, there is the “micro wedding”, with all the glamorous details of a large celebration, but on a smaller, slightly more manageable scale.


In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the ways that a micro wedding can save you stress and money.

Less demand for entertainment

As much as we don’t like to admit it, for most of us, the sheer number of tasks that we have on our to-do lists in the lead-up to a wedding means that by the time it rolls around, we’re ready to just get it over and done with.


With a wedding comes family photos, changes of clothes, and a whole host of other reasons that the bride and groom may disappear without a trace – leaving their guests to wonder where exactly they’ve gone and what they’re supposed to do next, without them. You’ll often find a photobooth in the corner of a wedding venue, or a hired magician making his rounds for this reason.


When it comes to organising a micro wedding, entertainment for your guests isn’t as much of a priority. With fewer guests in attendance and potentially a smaller venue, it’s easy for each person to get acquainted with one another and make friends – and if not, there’s more than enough of you to go round a small circle of people. After all, what better way to keep your guests entertained, than to be right there with them?


This doesn’t mean that you have to cut your favorite entertainment altogether, though. A wedding band is always a welcome delight, whether playing for a packed-out hall of people, or a cosy, campfire-style huddle.

Your budget goes further


The first point on our list leads nicely to our next: ultimately, the fewer people you invite, the fewer mouths you have to feed, which can be a huge help if you’re trying to throw a wedding on a budget.


Not to mention, without a hundred-plus guests to cough up for, you may have a little leftover wiggle room in your budget to devote to something special that you’ve always wanted – perhaps your dream home decor, or an extra-extravagant honeymoon.

There’s less that can go wrong


When you’re a couple amongst a hundred guests, it can be difficult to feel as though everything is being kept under control – even if you have left the important job of overseeing the day to your bridesmaids and groomsmen.


When you’re in an intimate setting with just twenty or thirty of your favorite people around you, it’s easy to see who’s doing what and when, and to make sure that all your guests are happy. You might not think that you have to keep any eye on them, but it’s a good one to keep in mind – after all, there’s always a kids’ corner that can descend into complete anarchy if small moments are missed by the grownup on duty.


Similarly, mix-ups at a micro wedding are more easily avoided, as serving thirty guests is bound to go more smoothly than plates served for three hundred.


At its core, a micro wedding is the wedding that you’ve always wanted, minus the stress. Consider the ways it can add to the authenticity and intimacy of your day, and all without having to loosen your purse strings.


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