How do we select the songs?


Once you are contracted, I will email you our current song list.
Over the next several months prior to your event, you simply highlight songs you really like and cross out songs you really don’t like.

If there are additional songs not found on our list, we can have those songs arranged for you free of charge. We have accomodated many challenging songs including 3 Korean pop songs! Also let us know of any special songs for anniversaries or special dedications.

I review your requests, highlighted list of songs, as well as your do not play list. Then I’ll create a set list based on what you want and don’t want. This will be the sequence of songs we will play for your event. It is only a starting point. As we are playing a song, I watch the crowd and adjust the list based on what is actually happening on the dance floor.

Here are some examples of what an advantage this will be for your wedding music:

Example #1

Song: Shout
Dancing Status: Dance floor is packed, guests are dancing like crazy.
Adjustment: We play the song longer to keep it going.
Result: Guests enjoy the song that much more and have an amazing time.

Example #2

Song: Superstition
Dancing Status: Guests are drifting off the dance floor
Adjustment: I look at the list of client requests, select Polka Medley.
Ends Superstition early and begins playing the Polka Medley.
Result: Since it’s a Polish wedding everyone runs to the dance floor and dances for 20 minutes straight!

Example #3

Song: I Will Survive
Dancing Status: Dance floor is crowded with Girls.
Adjustment: Instead of playing the next scheduled song” We are Family”,
I switched to “Girls just want to have fun.”
Result: The Girls stayed dancing and loved it!

I know what people dance to and what they don’t dance to. My combination of awareness, experience and a caring attitude will keep your dance floor packed all night!

Feel free to ask any questions. I welcome your comments. Let me know if you have any ideas for topics on future Blogs.


Best Wishes,

David Rothstein

David Rothstein Music, Inc