How is my Wedding like a Movie?

Think of the last great movie you saw. Each scene had its own feel to it. A chase scene uses fast exciting music to add to the drama. A romantic scene uses beautiful sweeping love songs to enhance the mood. What if you used the same music for both? What would that romantic scene be like with high pulsing, rock music playing in the background? Now think of your Chicago Wedding. Each portion of your wedding has a certain feel to it. The music must reflect what’s happening during your wedding. The purpose of the cocktail hour is to change the mood from the formalness of your ceremony to a much more relaxing atmosphere. The music changes from Classical ceremony music to background Jazz for cocktails.

Once you start dancing, the band should play a wide variety of styles and tempos. This is what makes for a great movie or a great Chicago wedding. The contrast between fast and slow, action and drama gives a movie or wedding its variety and excitement. The slower songs become more romantic, the faster ones become more exciting.

Make you and your bandleader select the perfect ensemble and songs for each aspect of your Chicago wedding. You’ll be the star of your own movie with the perfect soundtrack.