How to Avoid Eating Takeout All the Time While Working

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Although offices are re-opening, many workers are still choosing to work from home. However, that comes with its own set of problems, one of which is eating healthy. It’s just a few clicks to order food delivery to your home. However, that shortcut can hurt not only your body but your bank account. To avoid that below are some tips to decrease ordering food.

Remember to Plan Everything Out
Just like you put planning into your work day, take the time to schedule out what you’ll be eating. Having a grocery list and meal plan each week will help you save money in the long run. Think about it, it’s better to have a plan in the grocery store rather than meandering around and buying things willy nilly.


Speaking of wandering around, we’re all guilty of snacking outside of meals during the day. When pulling together a shopping list don’t forget to add the snacks that you eat during the day. Rather than a bag of chips, consider switching it out for other options like fruits and vegetables. That way you’re properly fueled for a long day while working from home.


Now all of this can seem a bit daunting, but proper prepping from the beginning will help in the long run. Set aside time on the weekends or the night before the work day to compile snacks and meals. That way it isn’t as intimidating or easy to deviate from the plan. Making a schedule and sticking to it will make sure you adhere to your plan.

Fill up on Nutritious Food
Just like it’s important what you put in your car’s engine, it’s also vital that you put the right things in your body. If you continuously fill up on junk food, sugary drinks, and coffee, you’ll find yourself crashing frequently during the work day. You can’t expect a great performance on poor fuel. By switching to alternates like nuts, fruits, veggies, and water, your body will thank you.


In addition to changing what you eat, change how you eat. Grazing on food throughout the day might work if you’re on a certain diet, but it’s not great for you in the long run. Eating three meals a day will leave you filled for the full day. Especially if you have healthy parts like protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals.


Making these changes will help your body run well during the work day. One study found that eating unhealthy leads to a 66% decrease in work productivity. Ouch, especially if you are on deadline or working on a long-term project. So make the switch to healthier eating!

Think about Your P’s: Pause & Portion
When you break for lunch, walk away from your workspace. Eating while in front of your computer will not help you stop eating. While enjoying your lunch and completing a task might help you get work done, it can lead to mindless eating. This phenomenon can cause you to miss cues from your body when it is full. However, closing the laptop and putting down the phone will help you focus on your meal.


Another aspect to this problem is portioning out your meal. Doing this ahead of time will prevent you from going back for seconds. It can also help prevent you from grazing all afternoon.. If you take a break from technology, and potion out your meal, you can avoid the temptation to overeat or order a meal delivery from your phone.

Consider Your Location
The temptation to set up your office near the kitchen can lead to frequent snacking throughout the day. We’re all human and the closer we are to the fridge or pantry, the easier it will be to eat everything that isn’t nailed down.


Another challenge people face is having to travel for work. For instance, you might be a Chicago wedding band moving from gig to gig or maybe you’re a travel agent visiting new vacation locations, think about how and where you’ll get your food. It can be easy to just run to the nearest fast food place, but thanks to grocery delivery, you can also still eat healthy while on the road. Whether you’re working with your team or by yourself, be sure to map out your meal time away from home.


Maybe you just need a change of scenery from your home. That’s not an excuse to deviate from your meal planning. Remember, eating out will cost you more in the long run.

Save Takeout for a Treat
We’re not saying that you need to ban all food delivered to your house or eating out, but maybe save it for a reward or special occasion. Maybe set a work goal that correlates with a project or perhaps for every major project completed you get to order something special. Or maybe you want to do a bi-weekly type treat that matches a favorite special at a restaurant that you know is on a schedule.


Think about your team as well for ordering takeout. Turn it into a bonding experience for everyone and reward them for a job well done. Set up a time where everyone orders lunch and then has lunch together via video chat or just an hour for themselves to enjoy their meal. It’s a nice gift to everyone if you’ve finished a long haul project.


Now this article has covered a lot, but here’s what to remember:

●      Plan out your meals each week (snacks included)!

●      Make sure your diet includes healthy things, not just junk food.

●      Put down technology and portion out your meals when it’s time to eat.

●      Don’t change your eating habits even when you’re traveling for work.

●      Make takeout a reward for when a task is completed.


Yes, it can be hard to adhere to these rules, but following them will help you stay productive throughout the work day. In addition, you’ll keep your body running like a well oiled machine.



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