How to Stay in love while planning your Wedding

Happy couple

Planning a Chicago wedding can be stressful. Likely you’ve never done this before.

How can you prevent the arguments and stay in love during this time?

A couple told me their secret for keeping their relationship happy during the sometimes stressful time of planning a Chicago wedding.

What they do is set aside one night a week for wedding planning. They order in or go out to dinner and talk about nothing but the wedding.

On their first meeting they set out a plan of attack.

What are the most important things that need to be done first?

Then they decided between the two of them, who is the most available, interested or qualified to handle each portion of the planning process.


For Example,

Bill is in charge of researching Chicago wedding bands and Chicago wedding venues.

Julie is in charge of researching Chicago florists and Chicago caterers. Etc…

Once this is established, each has their list of assignments for that week. They don’t constantly talk about their Chicago wedding throughout the week, nag each other and get in fights. They save up all their Chicago Wedding ideas for their “wedding planning day” in their case they chose Wednesdays.

On Wednesday night, they shared with each other what they found during the week and set up a plan for what needs to be done during the upcoming week.

This goes on for about 4-6 weeks. Once they have narrowed down their choices, they work as a team visiting their top Chicago venues, meeting with the favorite Chicago wedding bands, Chicago wedding photographers, Chicago florists etc…until they have chosen the venue and vendors they want for their Chicago wedding.

The couple said they were able to really enjoy the planning process and avoid much of the stress other couples go through when planning their Chicago Wedding.

It’s an idea which I’ve recommended to several couples that have used it to make their lives and relationships much happier. After all that’s what your wedding is all about!

Remember the purpose of your Chicago wedding is to celebrate your love, right?

Don’t get too stressed. Enjoy the process by being organized, flexible and supportive partners with each other. These are the keys to having a terrific Chicago Wedding and staying in love while planning it!

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