How Lighting Can Make Your Wedding Spectacular

Guest: How Lighting Can Make Your Wedding Spectacular

Date of Broadcast: 10/29/12

Length of Show: 45 Minutes


No matter how over the top it is, Dennis Remer’s attention to detail and ability to produce a client’s vision is what sets him apart from the rest. A Michigan native, Dennis moved to Chicago at 17 to embark on his dream of stage design and theatrical lighting. While attending Columbia College, he was able to see that his love of transforming spaces went beyond the stage and he began a career in event lighting and production. Dennis has worked for various event lighting companies until 9 years ago when he became a member of the FROST team where he was able to combine his creative design talent with his production experience. At FROST, Dennis has designed and produced movie premiers, award shows, concerts, fashion shows, private events and galas in Chicago and many locations throughout the United States. In 2009 TPAN presented Dennis with the Charles E. Clifton Leadership Award. At the 2010 BizBash Chicago Event and Style Awards he won for best lighting design. In 2011, BizBash featured Dennis as 1 of 68 most innovative event pros in the event world.