It’s typical when a bride or groom asks their closest friends and family to stand by their side on their wedding day, that the occasion is marked. Men may take their hopefuls out for a drink, while women may have something ‘grammable they give to their potential bridesmaids. Either way, there’s been some kind of planning required from the happy couple. While 2020 has surely been a year like no other, we know how important celebrating these milestones are, now more than ever. Here are some ideas to inspire your own special moment!


It would be hard to give suggestions ignoring the current on-going pandemic that is top of everyone’s mind. While cases continue to soar throughout the country, you might want to consider opting for a virtual occasion. Luckily, we have so many resources at our disposal that you can still create a fun and memorable experience.

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one time with whomever you are going to ask, or you want to simultaneously pop the question to all of them, you can set up gatherings in a number of ways. Growing in popularity this year, you can always turn to Zoom for creating virtual meeting spaces. Alternatively, many messaging services from iMessage to Snapchat to Facebook Messenger, all allow for video calls.

And what’s a celebration without a little bubbly? If you plan ahead well enough you can put together small care packages to send out before the virtual party to be opened while you’re together. Inside, your friends and family can find whatever you think is essential to making this occasion your own! From snacks and personalized trinkets, to the little bottles of alcohol, you can send a party in a box.

Even if you like this idea and think it might be too late to mail out a package, not only can you get the snack items sent to their house, but you can also have alcohol delivered right on the same day as the party.


If you want some in-person time, consider where it will take place and for how long. If you’re in an area where cases of covid-19 are on the rise, it’s important to wear your mask if you’re going to be close to someone. If the space allows, you can opt for keeping a safe distance between your group to prevent the potential spread of the virus. At this time of year, taking this precaution might also be decreasing your risk for catching a cold or even the flu. Certain places are allowing for small gatherings, so be sure to check local news and authorities for up-to-date guidelines regarding this.

Another important factor is being able to keep wherever the party takes place clean. Whenever someone hosts there’s usually the pressure to have a tidy home, but now it’s a matter of hygiene. Be sure you have an idea of just how to clean your household ahead of having company. Are your counters wiped down? When was the last time the handle’s were disinfected? The higher traffic spots are important to be mindful of even during the party. Keep a set of wipes out in your bathroom so that guests can help be proactive in reducing the spread of germs.

Where possible, utilize the outdoors. Not only does an outdoor party allow the space necessary for people to practice social distancing but the abundance of fresh air helps to dilute and dissipate any exhaled virus particles.


In lieu of an in-person or virtual gathering, some couples are simply sending out gifts. Not only can this still get the job done, but it might actually be easier than finding a time that works for all these individuals had you wanted to throw a party. With all of the different stressors people have been enduring this year, it might be a good alternative to go with.

A very popular gift to give when asking your friends to be your bridesmaids is the tie-the-knot with me bracelets. These bracelets are a great way to mark the occasion because they’re symbolic of your special day but not to the point where your girls can’t get use out of them all the time like some of the other personalized gifts out there. Most options come with cute cards already designed to pop the question, “will you be my bridesmaid?”

As for the groomsmen, try to keep that same idea in mind. Sure, the personalized gifts are cute ideas to you and your significant other but beyond the big day, how relevant is a gift with your name on it? Or the date of your wedding? If you’re going to personalize, opt for putting their name on the item. The best groomsmen gifts are ones they can continue to get use out of long after the wedding passes.


Are you and your friends among the growing group that consider themselves extra? This is a perfect occasion for you to flex those muscles and do something cool to celebrate sharing this moment with your loved ones. One great and creative way to do this is customize your own Snapchat filter.

You may be thinking that’s far too crafty for your skillset, but Snapchat has created a lot of presets that you can choose from based on the occasion, making the process a lot easier and accessible to more people.

If you decide to take on the challenge of designing your own, you can really have fun with it–especially if you are doing a virtual party. Give your friends the feeling of being right there with them by putting your face right on the filter, giving them the experience to still take selfies together.

No matter which option you choose, your friends and loved ones will be thankful you wanted them to be a part of the big day. No gesture, big or small, will go unappreciated when you take the time to think about what will feel special to them.

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