Romantic Jewish Wedding Ideas to Celebrate the Big Day

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Your wedding should be the most memorable day of your life. An estimated 2 million Americans get married every year. That’s 2 million couples, making 2 million sets of vows, in the eyes of many more witnesses. When it’s your wedding, however, you’re not thinking of the other 2 million couples. You’re thinking of you and your partner, and how you want a customized wedding that’s perfect for you.

For many Jewish families, in particular, having a wedding that honors their heritage is particularly important. If you want to plan a Jewish wedding that is traditional but still uniquely yours, then look no further. Here are some of our favorite Jewish wedding ideas for the perfect romantic wedding.

Deciding if Jewish wedding ideas are right for your wedding

More and more, many couples are entering into mixed-faith weddings. In these unions, one of the spouses may be Jewish, but the other is not. For these couples, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what traditions to incorporate into the wedding. There are a few different approaches to this situation. Some couples decide to go all in with one partner’s religion and do a traditional wedding with those customs.

Other couples, however, choose to incorporate customs from both religions and have an interfaith celebration. Whichever you choose, the items on this list can help you make your plans.

Getting the perfect Chuppa

A Chuppa is a traditional covering that Jewish couples have been married under for centuries. It is typically made of a sheet that is stretched out over four poles. While the Chuppa is very traditional, they come in many varieties. This gives you and your partner the option to choose a Chuppa that meets your unique styles. For instance, you can get a Chuppa that’s covered with your favorite flowers. Or, if your wedding is in the autumn, you may want it to feature fall foliage. If you or your family are crafty, you can even build your own Chuppa. This is the ultimate way to have a unique piece that is made just for you.

Keeping it Kosher

Even if you and your future spouse don’t necessarily eat kosher food, featuring traditional Jewish foods at your wedding can be a great touch. For instance, mini latkes can make a great appetizer for your guests. Or, if you’re serving a brunch, you may want to include bagels and lox. For dinner, lamb is a classic Jewish option. Having these kinds of foods will be very memorable for your guests, and will set your event apart.

Dancing the night away

One custom beloved by many Jewish families is dancing the horah. In this dance, the guests form a circle around the guests of honor. At a wedding, of course, this is the married couple. The bride and groom are lifted up in chairs, while their guests dance around them. This awesome Jewish tradition is one you won’t want to skip. Make sure you find a Chicago wedding band that’s familiar with Jewish music

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