The Most Important Word for Judging A Wedding Band


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When something has reached a higher level of quality, it is judged to be that way because of one word: consistency. Any wedding band can say they had this one incredible wedding 3 years ago or the one they played last weekend was amazing. You want a wedding band that’s going to be consistently incredible, week after week, year after year, wedding after wedding. That shows not only does the music company have talented musicians, but also has a high quality infrastructure behind it.

To find a great wedding band for your wedding, make sure you look for a band that has consistent reviews. Check to make sure the reviews include recent dates on them. Anybody can get a great review every once in a while, but a truly special wedding band will be able to show you several reviews from the last 3 or 4 months. If they are able to include recent video testimonials, even better.

Another important factor to keep in mind when reviewing wedding bands for your big day is the video. Judge them not only by the quality of their performance or the reaction of the crowd, but when the video was shot.

It’s much like online dating; when someone shows a photograph of themselves from 5 years ago, the person you may end up going out with could end up being a very different person. Make sure that the videos are from a few different performances, and the majority of them have been performed within the last year.

You after finding the perfect band online.
You after finding the perfect band online.

Let’s talk about photographs, a wedding band’s photos from three or four years ago don’t represent what they are able to do today. Once again, we are looking for consistency of what they have been able to do in the recent past. Make sure your wedding band not only shows photographs of the individual musicians and the band, but also the reaction of the crowd. If you only see photographs of the musicians looking great on stage and no one is dancing, it doesn’t bode well for having a packed dance floor.

Everybody on the dance floor!

Another factor to look for when choosing your wedding band is the variety of weddings they’ve done. Here are some questions couples consider:

  • Have they performed large Jewish weddings?
  • Have they done smaller Polish weddings?
  • Have they done out of state weddings?
  • Do they have a large repertoire that can handle a wide variety of special requests?

A wedding band that’s truly professional will be able to adjust its repertoire to a client’s specific needs. Look for a wedding band that has the experience and knowledge able to adapt and make recommendations to make your specific wedding perfect.

It’s important the band is able to provide you with great sound. They need to have a variety of sound systems and experience in working with a wide variety of venues in the area. The ability to provide consistently great sound regardless of the shape and size of the room is incredibly important.

This should be you after the band starts playing. Let that gorgeous sound take you away!


On average, wedding bands will use the same sound system for every wedding regardless of the size of the room or number of guests. Lastly, when choosing your ideal wedding band, make sure the company itself has been around for several years, has a strong reputation, not only online but with other wedding vendors.

Look for consistency, including some of the factors I discussed in this blog article. Finding the perfect wedding band is much like buying any other product or service, such as Apple, Toyota or Nike. You buy them because you believe that they will provide consistently high quality results. Doing the same for your wedding will increase the odds of you having the perfect wedding band for your perfect wedding.

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