Things to Splurge on When Planning a Wedding

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Weddings are more expensive than ever in today’s day and age, with the average cost of a wedding in the United States up to more than $44,000 in 2018. With how many details, both big and small, go into the process of getting married, it’s no wonder the cost is so high in recent years. While that high of a budget for a wedding might seem like the norm, most couples won’t want to dig themselves into debt for just one (while still very special) day. Instead of going big on every aspect of your wedding, choose to only splurge on a few of the most important details of you and your partner. Consider spending the money on some of these components during your planning!


A great wedding band

With entertainment, you’ll be getting what you pay for. You don’t want to hire the cheapest DJ or Chicago wedding bands you can find and hope for the best. Know what to look for in a wedding band so you know the money you’re spending is going to the right place. You’ll want a band that goes above and beyond to make your day memorable. Spending the money on a high-quality entertainer will allow your celebration to run smoothly so you don’t have to worry about a thing. With David Rothstein Music, you’ll be getting the quality, credibility, and talent that you’re looking for. When you spend the money on good entertainment, your guests will be talking about how great your Chicago wedding band was for years to come!


High-quality amenities

Sure, it’s definitely cheaper to go with plastic tables and chairs, and paper plates and disposable silverware at your wedding. Even with all the money you’re saving, the sacrifice you’re making isn’t worth the extra cash in your bank account. When you go with plastic amenities, the ambiance of your wedding is immediately compromised. No matter what your centerpieces look like, or what decor you add to spruce things up, nothing can class up plastic tables and chairs.


Delicious food

Your wedding food is not an area you want to skimp on with your budget. You don’t want to leave your guests hungry, or worse sick, from the food you choose for your reception. Don’t immediately go for the best deal when it comes to caterers, because sometimes a good deal is too good to be true. You’ll want your caterer to be an experienced professional, and you’ll want to taste the food to make sure the money you’re spending is worth it! Ask your caterer questions to gauge if they’re someone you want feeding your family and friends. Do they have references you can talk to? Do they cook with fresh ingredients? Voice your concerns to make sure you’re getting the best!


A relaxing honeymoon

For some couples, the honeymoon might seem like an afterthought. Make sure to fit a nice honeymoon into your budget when you’re planning. It’s important to unwind after your nuptials so you can celebrate the start of your married life! Spending the money on a luxurious vacation for the two of you is well worth it. Book a high-end cruise  for you and your new spouse to enjoy the days following your wedding. While your wedding day only lasts for a few hours, your honeymoon will be your opportunity to soak it all in as newlyweds. Splurging on your honeymoon means you can enjoy amazing food, entertainment, and relaxation that will be worth every penny.


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