Top 10 Regrets Couples Have About Their Wedding

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Planning a wedding and your wedding day itself is a LOT to handle. Many couples have trouble dealing with all the different aspects of throwing this affair. You may be so focused on food that you forgot to plan the music. The old saying is true: Hindsight is 20/20. Be smart and organized while planning your wedding and on the big day, so you do not have any regrets. The folks at David Rothstein Music have compiled this list of the top 10 regrets couples have on their wedding:

  1. Not Having a Videographer


  • Your wedding day goes by fast, and you cannot be expected to remember all of it. A professional wedding videographer will be there to capture all the little moments you’ll forget. One day, when you watch your wedding video, all of these memories will come back to you. All thanks to that videographer you hired.
  1. Getting a DJ instead of a band


  • The music you play sets the entire tone for the wedding. A professional band has experience playing all types of music. David Rothstein Music has some of the best musicians and singers in the Midwest. The atmosphere and vibe they’ll create at your reception will be unlike what any DJ can do.
  1. Having friends or relatives acting as caterers


  • There are several key benefits that come with choosing a professional caterer over a family member:
    • Caterers have experience providing food for both small and large weddings.
    • Menu selection: A professional will have a more options to choose from than a relative.
    • Health code: To be a professional caterer, you must follow health codes, but if a family member is doing the cooking, he or she probably doesn’t know all the necessary rules to follow. If the food is not properly heated, cooled or managed on the way to the venue, then contamination can occur. Could you imagine your wedding food causing food poisoning? That’d be embarrassing.
  1. Trying to follow trends


  • In the age of Twitter, Pinterest and Buzzfeed, you can find a new wedding trend every week. Some of the top wedding trends of 2015 included white gloves, macrame invitations and bridal jumpsuits. It might be cool to know all about the latest trends, but focusing on this stuff distracts you from what your wedding is really all about — the love for your partner. No amount of macrame invitations will ever be more valuable than the love you share with one another.
  1. Inviting too many people


  • Whether you want a big wedding or a small one, you’ll have to deal with a guest list. Too many guests is a problem. You want the people who attend your wedding to be the most important in your life. If you spend most of your time greeting people whom you barely know, then your reception time will be wasted. Keep the guest list to people that you actually WANT at your wedding and not people who you invite just for the hell of it.
  1. Booking the wrong venue


  • Many couples regret not picking the right venue. The main thing that causes couples to pick the wrong place is poor planning. There are several questions to ask when picking a venue:
    • Can this accommodate all my guests?
    • Are there normally traffic issues coming to this place?
    • What’s the parking like?
    • How does this venue deal with poor weather conditions during an outside wedding?
  • Asking yourself these questions will help you pick the right venue and calm the fear of regrets.
  1. Hiring the cheapest vendors at key positions

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.51.46 PM

  • A wedding is an expensive thing to plan, and you can find a cheap vendor for almost everything. But here’s the thing– the cheaper the cost, the lower the quality. This is where a proper budget comes in handy. Look at the things that are most important to you and make compromises. For example, the music is the thing you care about the most, but you feel indifferent about flowers. Relocate flower money to the band. If you just spend funds willy nilly, I guarantee you’ll regret not creating a vendor budget.
  1. Being a control freak on the big day


  • There are a LOT of moving parts that make up the wedding machine. It’s your special day and you want everything to be perfect. If something goes wrong, some brides go full-on bridezilla and are a nightmare to deal with.
  • What’s the biggest regret that comes with being a bridezilla? The way you treat the ones closest to you. Learn to accept that something will probably not go as planned on your wedding day, and take it in stride.
  1. Not leaving enough time for planning before the wedding

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.55.22 PM

  • A wedding is a big affair to plan. One regret many couples have is not giving themselves enough time to plan. Create a schedule and checklist. Have the date set and be sure to have certain things booked by the right time. For example, set a goal to have your flower arrangements booked four months before the wedding.
  1. Hiring your BFF or newbie to be your wedding planner

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.56.47 PM

  • Have you seen the movie “Bridesmaids”? If not, here is a quick summary. Kristen Wiig helps plan her best friend, Maya Rudulph’s wedding, and Kristen slowly loses her mind. Putting that responsibility on your best friend can strain your relationship.
  • When you hire a professional, you can talk to them about previous weddings they’ve planned to see what they can do. A wedding planner already knows about venues, caterers, dresses and much more. You also want your best friend to enjoy your wedding, not to constantly stress about it. Hire a professional, and you’ll be guaranteed fantastic results.

Check out for more wedding tips and info, today!

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