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Engagement season is officially in full swing! While this is certainly an exciting time, it’s also inevitable to feel stress at some point during the planning process (if not during the entire planning process). There are so many moving parts to keep track of such as, to-do lists, vendors to keep in touch with, decisions to make, and figuring out a budget all well still finding time to sleep. Mental wellness and other acts of self-care often fall wayside. Here are a few wedding prep tips that all brides can utilize for a stress-free wedding.

Reduce Stress and Get Sleep

Remember, this is a special time to enjoy! Penciling in time for yourself every day will help to keep stress levels down and will make the planning process much more enjoyable and easier to tackle.

There are several ways to manage stress while planning for the big day. For starters, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Delegating tasks, like collecting addresses for save-the-dates, to your fiance, Maid of Honor, or mom, for example, will really help to free up some time (and stress).

Other ways to de-stress include using a meditation app like Insight Timer once a day, committing to a weekly yoga class, scheduling a massage, or cozying up at home with your fiance to watch a new stand-up special on Netflix for some laugh-therapy. When finding ways to destress be sure to remove yourself from the digital world and turn off your phone or other devices that may distract you.

Most importantly, get enough sleep! Lack of sleep can be the starting source of carrying around unnecessary stress. If balancing work, wedding planning, and everything in between keeps your brain running at all hours of the night, consider taking melatonin a half hour before going to bed as a more natural sleep aid.

Plan a hair and skin routine in advance

When a bride is feeling healthy on the inside it reflects in how she carries herself on the outside. Consider beginning a hair and skin care routine 4-6 months before the wedding day to give your body ample time to adjust.

If wedding stress is wreaking havoc on that strong and voluminous bridal hair, consider taking a daily, high quality biotin vitamin and using a cleansing shampoo to prevent hair fallout, build strength, and add volume and length.

For brides experiencing stress-acne or are prone to regular breakouts, beginning a medicated skin care regimen well in advance will give your skin time to reduce pimples, inflammation, dark spots, and uneven skin tones. Incorporate plenty of water and flaxseed into your daily diet for an additional boost.

Avoid inflammatory foods at least 48 hours before the wedding

Not only will limiting your dairy, fried food, sugar, and alcohol intake help keep skin clear and glowing, it will also reduce the sluggish, bloated feeling that comes from consuming foods that are hard to digest.

Every bride wants to look good on their wedding day – feeling good on the inside will make the biggest difference! Avoid trouble-foods at least 48 hours before you walk down the aisle (yes, even alcohol). For best results, reduce the intake of these foods in the months prior to the wedding.

Do a hair and makeup trial run well in advance

There are always circumstances that can’t be controlled on your wedding day; hair and makeup don’t have to be one of them.

Find your hair and makeup artist early on and invest in doing a couple trials and run throughs to determine the best style for your big day. When looking for a stylist, search their Instagram account, website, and reviews to make sure they align with the style you’re going for. Many brides like to do their final trial run the morning before their bridal shower to preview the look to all of their favorite people!

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