What can I do to get my wedding dress to fit me perfectly?

Dress fitting

One of the unforeseen wedding costs is the alteration of the wedding dress or bridesmaid dress…

• Wedding dress alterations can range from $300 to $700 depending on the style, design and size of the dress and take a minimum of 8 weeks to complete. Bridesmaid’s dresses take an average of 2 weeks to complete and average about $120.

• March through September is wedding season in Chicago so make sure you make your appointments for alterations in plenty of time to have them completed. Also, by the end of April many alteration houses are booked about one month out on weekdays and 6 weeks out on Saturdays throughout the remainder of the summer.? ?• A couple of frequent complaints we hear from bridesmaids is the cost of the dress, the color of the dress, as well as the style. Many bridesmaids say they purchase dresses that they will never wear again. While you cannot please everyone, and it is your wedding after all, try to choose either a neutral color or black. You absolutely cannot go wrong with black. This will give your bridesmaids an opportunity to enjoy their purchase several times by wearing them to other formal affairs or events.

• We often are asked our opinion about jewelry, particularly necklaces. We suggest wearing a subtle necklace so as not to distract from your dress. You may simply want to accentuate your dress with beautiful earrings instead.

• Remember that not all women are made the same –not even women who are the same dress size. It is not uncommon for bridal salons to order a wedding dress that is 1 or 2 sizes too large. Not to fret, dresses can always be made smaller while it is more difficult to make them larger.

• Lastly, remember to have fun during all of your wedding planning. Yes, it can be overwhelming, yes it can be time consuming, and yes, there will be times when you wish you had run off to Vegas. But remain in focus and have fun. With careful planning, it will all come together and your wedding will be perfect.

The Knot’s “10 Rules for Every Bride” Posted by Erica Sapio

If you’re a new bride, TheKnot.com has 10 rules for you to keep you sane:

1) I can live without lady’s slipper orchids.

2) I won’t make my bridesmaids look like clones.

3) I won’t invite my second cousin’s fling.

4) I won’t obsess over my registry.

5) I’ll loosen up about the rehearsal dinner.

6) I’ll write thank-you notes as the gifts come in.

7) I won’t stress out about his bachelor party.

8) I won’t have unrealistic weight expectations.

9) I won’t let downers dampen my enthusiasm.

10) I’ll make my album within one year of the wedding.

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