What Makes One Chicago Wedding Band Better Than Another?

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Let’s face it, you’ve never hired a wedding band before, and planning a wedding in general is a very challenging process. You have to buy a large number of products and services you’ve never bought before, and learn a great deal in a short period of time.

Many couples decide on letting price be the biggest factor in determining which wedding band or services they end up hiring. This can many times be a big mistake.


While I understand finances are certainly a part of planning a wedding, they should not be the lead determining factor in the decision making process. If you hire a wedding band that isn’t willing to learn new songs, has a limited repertoire, and only has been around a few years, they will likely bring you nowhere near the results you would get with an experienced wedding band.



For example, I recently ran into a couple who I met with that loved everything we had to offer, but went with a wedding band that was “in their price range”. The woman said the band they hired mispronounced their mom’s name, played 4 songs they told them not to, and only about a 1/3 of their guests were dancing throughout the night.

At the time when they hired the “budget friendly band”, they probably thought they had done a great job by saving money, but the results were very poor. At that point, you have to ask yourself: Did she really “save money”? You won’t be able to send an email to all your family and guests apologizing for the poor quality of the wedding band you had, but reminding them about how much money you saved. All they will care about are the final results.

The ideal wedding band is one that gets every guest moving.
The ideal wedding band is one that gets every guest moving.



Perhaps you put a great deal of money into the bows in the back of the chairs, the fancy linen, or the customized glassware. Unfortunately, none of those things will be remembered a few days after your wedding. Maya Angelou has a famous quote, which I love: “People forget what you do, people forget you say, but people remember how you make them feel.” A great Chicago wedding band will have all your guests raving about how amazing and fun your wedding was, instead of talking about how lovely your monogrammed forks were. It’s much like dating when your friend says, “the guy has a great personality”.

Like David Rothstein Music, a great wedding band will have you and all your guests dancing all night to the songs you love. We recently had a mother of the bride who contacted us and was very impressed by everything we had to offer, but ended up going with a band that was significantly “cheaper”.

She contacted us on August 12th at 10pm in a panic, regarding her daughter’s wedding which was Sunday, August 31st, that the cheaper wedding band that she hired just told her that they weren’t willing to learn the first dance or any of the other arrangements and were not willing to adjust to their schedule.



“I’m so sorry, David.” she said. “I should have hired you in the first place. I should have just trusted a top professional like you instead of trying to save money.”

We were able to accommodate her, but she ended up paying twice as much since she had already hired this cheaper band and now hired us to come to her rescue, which we did and it worked out beautifully. The point is that the wedding band you choose is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the quality of your wedding.

Make sure you get a professional wedding band that is experienced, consistent and willing to do whatever it takes for you to have an amazing wedding!




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